Thursday, September 3, 2020

Southwest Shakespeare Company's Virtual Classics LIVE! presents PERICLES PRINCE OF TYRE, Saturday September 5

Join Southwest Shakespeare Online Saturday, September 5th at 6:30pm via Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube
Forget "Netflix and chill"...try an evening with Will!
John Way - Pericles
Bonnie Beaus Romnie - Diana/Gower
Brian Gill - Helicanus/3rd Fisherman/ 3rd Pirate
Jake Hart - Simonides/LeoninE
 Rainbow Dickerson - Dionyza
Sawyer Edwards - Knight 1 / Cleon
Isabel Pask - Thaisa
Erin Dillon - Marina/Sailor on ship
Mathew Zimmerer - Antiacus/1st fisherman/
1st sailor on ship/Pander
 Ryan Jenkins - Antiochus daughter/Ceremon / Pirate /
Tyrian Sailor
Deshik Vansadia - 1st Lord of Pentapolis/Messanger/
Servant (Ephesus) / Lysimachus
 Toby Tropper - 3rd Lord Pentapolis/ Sailor on Ship/
Bawd / Mytilene Sailor
 Seth Scott- Tyre Attendant /2nd fisherman/
Escanes/ Bolt
Clay Sanderson - Thalliart/2nd Lord Pentapolis/
1st Gent (Ephesus)
King Hang - Lord / Knight 3/ 2nd Gent (Ephesus)/ 2nd Pirate
Ariana Gibeault - Lord 2 (Tyre)/ Knight 2/ Lychordia / Philemon / Pirate
 Gustavo Flores - Lord 1 (Tyer)/ Marshal/ 2nd Sailor on Ship/ 1st Pirate
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