Tuesday, July 30, 2019

IN THE KINGDOM OF CLOUDS - Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre - August 2-11, 2019

Join us for our special production to commemorate our 25 years in Scottsdale! Gerry Cullity's In The Kingdom Of Clouds!

Directed by Matthew Villarreal

In a world where hope and creativity have been lost, those who live in the Kingdom of Clouds bring to life a lyrical rock opera about love, sacrifice, hope, and fate. This breathtaking musical takes you on an adventure unlike any other; one right above us the whole time. Cirrus tries to restore balance to the world, while going on his own journey finding love for himself and the people around him.

Performance Dates:
August 2 – 4 & 9 – 11, 2019
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30pm, Sundays 2:00pm 

Cumulus: Maggie Barton
Dolcus: Dani Topel
Thunderhead: Michael Brandt
Cirrus: Jack Yampolsky
Aurora: Erin Tarkington
Nimbus: Elsie Donsker
Stratus: Rylie Clore
Claire: Jamie Villarreal
Modem: Xander Zeeb
Axel: Jeremy Yampolsky
Wingnut: Madison Macdonald
Clouds: Brad Nicolaisen, Ciara Archer, Lilly Brandt, Tillea Baltzell, Brandon Drahos
Nomad Runners: Skylar Ryan, Sadie Krotonsky, Allie Rose, Ashley Rhoads, Kristan Alba, Jake Krotonsky
Steel Settlers: Avery Durbin, Tabi Momeyer, Kate Ringer, Jade Leblic, Ashleigh Herek, Isaac Gerstel, Cassidy Spencer
Elements: Skylar Ryan, Sadie Krotonsky, Allie Rose, Ashley Rhoads

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