Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The House of Illusio the Musical will premiere at ASU Kerr Center on Feb. 3rd. It's a part of the Meridians showcase


A young boy is kidnapped and tortured for 48 hours. His guardian angels save him and he is delivered to safety. But soon voices haunt his mind. When his lovely soul mate Pieretta disappears , he begins the descent of madness as the voices return to enslave him in the House of Illusio! Will his soldier buddy be able to save him or is it too late for him ?
All the performers wear masks!

Event Info

A special initiative formed through ASU Kerr and the ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre to give emerging artists a unique performance venue for the culmination of their MFA work. Audiences beyond ASU get a rare chance to experience young accomplished artists at their creative apex. Join us in discovering the compelling performing artists of the future.

Javier Stefano De Vita - The House of Illusio

The House of Illusio is an musical thriller written by Javier Stefano De Vita, and composed by Jay Melberg. A magical journey through seven different characters performed by De Vita with the use of masks, puppetry and original live music and media.

Erika Moore - Movement Speaks
An exploration of how movement speaks to the unspoken social constructs that exist in the educational system, connecting various civil rights movements of the past and present.

Angeline Young - When we (dis)appeared
When we (dis)appeared interprets intimate historical narratives to transmit
contemporary experien ASU Meridians

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