Saturday, January 28, 2017

cast announcement - DISNEY WINNIE THE POOH KIDS - Musical Theatre of Anthem

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs February 23rd to 26th

Narrator: Red : Rileigh McDonough
Narrator: Orange: Joslyn Momeyer
Narrator: Yellow: Vanessa McLean
Narrator: Green: Kayden Solomon
Narrator: Blue: Tanis Clizer
Narrator: Indigo: Addison Purvis
Narrator: Violet: Stella Witmer
Winnie The Pooh: Libby Ikesaki
Pooh's Tummy: Vanessa Hughes
Tigger: Jayden Hawley
Rabbit: Marlee Trent
Owl: Lexirose Blanzy
Kanga: Sophie Connor
Roo: Tyler Blanzy
Eeyore: Anora Biggs
Piglet: Marlowe Dockter
Bees: Ameera Neubauer, Laci Noice. Kylee Pelchat. Elliana Bollinger. Louise Herd. Abigail Patton. Madelyn Westerlind
Christopher Robin: Ben Fletcher
Word Chorus: “This” - Mcartney Weisensee, “Way” - Paige Van Dillen, “Out” - Hagen Harris, “Of”
- Simon Weil, “The” - Annika Paluch. “Backson” - Morgan French. “Pit” - Laci Boothe
Mice: Mcartney Weisensee, Annika Paluch. Hagen Harris. Laci Boothe. Morgan French. Paige Van Dillen
Foxes: Jordyn Kautz. Giselle Williams
Ladybugs: Emma Viso. Bella Avdikos. Ella Robson, Payton McCarthy, Sienna Stewart, Shea Kaikala
Squirrels: Simon Weil, Jett Hale, Charlie Watters, Casen Halpin, Beckett Stewart

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