Tuesday, December 13, 2016

THE WAITING ROOM - Mesa Encore Theatre - February 3 - 19, 2017

By Lisa Loomer
Directed By Ilana Lydia

A dark, biting comedy about the lengths women have gone to in the name of being attractive to men, from footbinding in China to wearing corsets in Victorian England to modern day boob-jobs in America. Three women find themselves in a hellish waiting room to be treated by a modern doctor. Far from being a one-sided tirade, the play examines the complexity of modern medicine, chasing beauty ideals, and imbalanced male/female relationships. Come for the wicked humor, stay for the extraordinary characters.

Victoria: Mia Passerella
Forgiveness From Heaven: Kymbrlee Hsu
Brenda: Ayanna Le Andre
Wanda: Shandi Ilyse
Bridget: Rebeccaa Hoeck
Orderly: Abigail Garlow
Douglas: Devon Mahon
Oliver: Brady Anderson
Ken: Fernando Perez
Larry: Travis Bovard
Blessing From Heaven: Allison Bauer

Stage Manager: Juliet Wilkins
Lighting: Harrison Hayes
Sound: Jessica Holt and Ilana Lydia
Costuming: Allison Bauer
Props: Devon Mahon
Producer and TD: Jason K. Walz
MET Director of Marketing: JT Turner

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Tickets: $15

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