Monday, August 8, 2016

THE HEROES OF OLIM - East Valley Children's Theatre - February 9 - 19,2017

Winner of EVCT's 2016 Playwriting Contest
Book by Claire Howard

Feb. 9-19,2017
Auditions Jan. 4 & 5

Winston, a common thief, witnesses the kidnapping of the Kingdom of Olim's beloved Princess Elena by the king's trusted advisor Janus. Winston and his quick-witted friend Barnaby, a servant girl Agnes, a lady-in-waiting to the princess Clemmence, and a slightly insane fugitive Dmitri attempt to warn King John of the plot. The King refuses to listen to their warnings, so they are forced to try and save the princess themselves. Intrigue, people pretending to be someone they are not, and jester antics all lead to a surprising conclusion. Out of this upheaval rise many unlikely heroes.

Thursday February 9, 7 pm
Friday February 10, 7 pm
Saturday February 11, 4 pm
Saturday February 11, 7 pm
Sunday February 12, 2 pm
Thursday February 16, 7 pm
Friday February 17, 7 pm
Saturday February 18, 4 pm
Saturday February 18, 7 pm
Sunday February 19, 2 pm *ASL

CLICK HERE for information, and to purchase tickets

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