Tuesday, March 6, 2018

FEATHERED - Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre - March 10 - 25, 2018

By Hans Christian Andersen
Adaptation/Music And Lyrics By Gerry Cullity

Audiences delight in Gerry Cullity’s touching musical take on the celebrated story of an UGLY DUCKLING, whose peculiar appearance instantly triggers taunting from the beautiful Meadow Ducks.

Throughout her lively adventure, the UGLY DUCKLING meets an array of unforgettable characters, such as the inseparable GOOSE and GANDER, the bumbling DUCK HUNTERS, and their zany, but loveable, DOG.

With the guidance of a wise EAGLE and the unconditional love of her MOTHER, the UGLY DUCKLING realizes her inner beauty and also finds love and friendship in the most unlikely places. This poignant tale heralds a message of acceptance that tugs at the heart with its stirring view of the impenetrable bond that a mother and her child share.

This show is performed in Desert Stage’s Cullity Hall.

Saturdays, March 10, 17 & 24 • 11AM & 1PM
Sundays, March 11, 18 & 25 • 11AM & 1PM

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Bridget the Duck: Brynn Becker
Darla and Duckie Supreme (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Jannesa Bencomo
Duckling: Presley Bonnett
Duckling: Remi Brandon
Duckling: Gwen Brandon
Swan Mother (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Lyla Brandon
Featured Mother Duck: Emma Carranza
Grandma Duck (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Rylie Clore
Carla (Sat)/ Duckling (Sun): Elsie Donsker
Eagle (Sun)/ Mother Duck and Duckie Supreme (Sat): Annabel Enright
Pointdexter the Dog (Sun)/ Duck Hunter (Sat): William Enright
Eagle (Sat)/ Mother Duck and Duckie Supreme (Sun): Olivia Feldman
Queen of the Ducks (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Claire Filipowicz
Duckling: Lila Flores
Addison the Duck: Julia Gottfredson
Darla (Sat)/ Duckling (Sun): Zana Habul
Goose (Sat)/ Mother Duck and Duckie Supreme (Sun): Dayna Michelle Hall
Featured Mother Duck: Jamie Hattstaedt
Betty the Mother Duck (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Alexa Hendricksen
Alexa the Duck: Anouk Hesse
Gander (Sun)/ Duckling (Sat): Samantha “Sam” Hizme
Annette the Mother Duck (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Ava Hoelzen
Billy Bob the Duck Hunter: Sebastian Jablonski
Duckling: Laya Jaeggi
Carla (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Cate Johnson
Ugly Duckling’s Mother (Sun)/Mother Duck and Duckie Supereme (Sat): Ryelie Kaye
Featured Mother Duck: Camille Kayyem
Annette the Mother Duck (Sun)/ Mother Duck (Sat): Kiera Kinerk
Featured Mother Duck: Mia Lopez
Pointdexter the Dog (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Kennady MacDonald
Bobby Joe the Duck Hunter (Sat)/ Duck Hunter (Sun): Keyen Marquez
Goose (Sun)/ Duckling (Sat): Avery McAndrew
Duckling: Noelle Neal
Duckling: Natalie Neal
Cameron the Duck: Simone Ngo
Claire the Duck: Neila Ngo
Caitlin the Duck: Chiara O’Brien
Ugly Duckling (Sun)/ Duckling (Sat): Brianna O’Brien
Cassie the Duck: Cassidy O’Connor
Jimmy Bob the Duck Hunter: Luke Olney
Duckling: Kendall Phillips
Duckling: Charlotte Pompay
Ugly Ducking’s Mother (Sat)/ Mother Duck and Duckie Supreme (Sun): Ellie Pompay
Duckling: Kierstin Reischl
Queen of the Ducks (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Angelina Rosacci
Featured Mother Duck: Tessa Roth
Grandma Duck (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Ava Sandifer
Abigail the Duck: Zoe Sapardanis Bustamante
Bella the Duck: Danica Schwartz
Duckling: Lyla Shapiro
Featured Mother Duck: Scarlette Shapiro
Ugly Duckling (Sat)/ Duckling(Sun): Kaylin Sherrill
Duckling: Katelyn Su
Duckling: Natalie Su
Bailey the Duck: Elliana Superfon
Bobby Joe the Duck Hunter (Sun)/ Duck Hunter (Sat): Cohen Superfon
Duckling: Kai Tate
Duckling: Pre Tate
Amelia the Duck: Berkley Tran
Duckling: Bronson Tran
Duckling: Blake Tran
Gander (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Cassie Veale
Betty the Mother Duck (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Devyn Wallace
Bubba the Duck Hunter: Hunter Weiskopf Hingston
Duckling: Maya Weiss
Bonnie the Duck: Katelyn Wolf
Duckling: Fiona Wood
Swan Mother (Sat)/ Mother Duck (Sun): Lexi Zastrow

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