Thursday, April 27, 2017

reviews - NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS - Hale Centre Theatre

Tom Endicott, Eric Mitchell, and Josh Hunt
Photo by Emily Woodward-Shaw / Lighting by Jeff A. Davis
highlights from local critics reviews - (click link at bottom of each review to read complete review)
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"....TV icon Andy Griffith's successful career was launched...with the part of Will Stockdale, a simple-minded hillbilly who gets drafted into the Army. Griffith first played the character in the short TV movie No Time for Sergeants and later reprised the role in both an expanded Broadway version of the teleplay and a film adaptation. The play is receiving a bright and cheerful production from Hale Centre Theatre. While the simple nature of the light comedy and the dated humor of the piece don't exactly deliver an abundance of guffaws it is a charming show with fun characters and Hale's production features a sweet and winning performance from Josh Hunt as Stockdale....Will's clueless nature, lack of social skills, and need to continually say whatever is on his mind, even when it's not appropriate, get him, his fellow soldiers, and their sergeant into a neverending amount of trouble. ...While the piece is fun and lively it does have a bit of a repetitive nature, with Will's actions having a constant and continual outlandish impact on each new character he meets. Hunt doesn't play Stockdale as an ignorant caricature, just a man who is uninformed about the modern world. This makes him both realistic and entirely lovable. ...Hunt is entirely endearing in the role. As the Sergeant King, who often finds himself the victim of the chaos that Stockdale's actions create, Raymond Barcelo is appropriately frazzled and flustered. Eric Mitchell delivers a good, realistic mix of timidity and assuredness as Stockdale's army pal Ben and he also effectively shows Ben's hurt side when he feels his friend has betrayed him. ...The crackerjack ensemble play multiple parts, with Tom Endicott delivering varied portrayals as both Will's ignorant father and an army general; and Jason Hammond is a hoot as an agitated psychiatrist whom Stockdale turns the tables on. ...M. Seth Reines has directed his cast to deliver refined comic performances that aren't too over the top, which adds a nice hint of realism to the piece. ...It may be sentimental and hokey, and even a bit repetitive, but with a great cast and Hale's always excellent production elements, No Time for Sergeants is a fun show that is also filled with heart. " -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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