Thursday, May 20, 2021

Now & Then Creative Company presents new play with music HIT MUSIC - streaming May 21-May 31

Now & Then Creative Company brings Guillermo Reyes’ HIT MUSIC to audience’s around the globe with a free, streaming production running May 21 to May 31. HIT MUSIC - - book + lyrics by Guillermo Reyes, music by Carlos Urtubey - - is a heart warming, foot stomping, and unpredictable new play with music from one of the Valley’s finest writers. “Guillermo has been working over the past few years on revising and shaping this endearing, hilarious, and - - at times - - moving story,” says Artistic Director John Perovich. “Developing new work is a process that takes commitment from theatre companies. We are proud to have supported Guillermo through two workshops at Now & Then, and we’re excited for audiences to experience this production - - with new songs and scenes. The show has been filmed, edited, and produced exclusively for audiences to stream at home.”

The premise of HIT MUSIC teases its entertaining situation: The Boy’s on the edge of seventeen, ready to sing, ready to write songs and grow up, but his father’s stuck on retro music and isn’t supportive of his goals. When the eccentric Italian father in this mixed Latino-Italian-American family in Los Angeles announces his imminent death, the boy brings together the family and a (not-so-beloved) niece to stage a final commemorative concert in 1996 at a North Hollywood diner. But everything gets derailed by twists of fate, a romance, a heartbreak, and lots of funky singing in English, Italian and Spanish.  A comedy with music for our times - - or any time.

HIT MUSIC will be presented on Now & Then’s YouTube channel as a streamed production from May 21 to May 31. The show features performances by a national cast: Andrés Alcalá, Esther Almazán, Ryan Burke, Phillip Herrington, Adam Mendez Jr., and Karen Vincent; directed by Jesse D. Saywell; media design by Andrés Alcalá; graphic design by West Maatita; stage managed by Jen Rankin. This production is free and is sponsored by a Research Investment Grant of Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.

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Graphic Credit:
Hit Music graphic design by West Maatita

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