Monday, September 30, 2019

Arizona Equity Actors Form Coalition

Theatre community struggles to secure proper sustaining capital to operate after the Great Recession of 2008.

  • Several prominent professional theatre companies in the Valley close their doors.
  • Producers struggle to find the financing to pay union actors a living wage with health and pension benefits.
  • Arizona members of the union of professional actors (Actors’ Equity Association) form a grassroots movement to find a positive solution to these challenges.
  • Arizona Equity Member Coalition (AZEMC)is comprised of Arizona Equity members who are united to increase awareness, promote, expand, nurture and help sustain Arizona theatre companies that provide union contracts, thereby increasing opportunities for local Equity artists.

Actors’ Equity artists make a vital contribution to the arts scene in Arizona. Theatre companies contract with Actors Equity Association in order to provide artists a living wage, contribute to their health insurance and pension plans as well as provide a safe, comfortable, working environment with fair and equitable working conditions. These theatre companies understand that the very product they present to the public is the result of the craft, training, experience, and hard work of the artists they employ. They are not only contributing to the artistic landscape of our community, but the economic engine of our city as well.

We are experiencing a time of renewed dedication by many theatre companies across our state to commit to finding ways to begin using Equity contracts in their productions or increase the number of contracts they currently use. However, these companies need support in order to keep up the momentum. That is where AZEMC comes in. We will work to find creative ways to promote the work of local Equity artists to the general public and celebrate, support and encourage those theatre companies that provide those artists Equity contracts.

This is not prepared or endorsed by Actors’ Equity Association and the views and positions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of AEA.


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