Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OLIVER!, Mesa Encore Theatre, November 7-23, 2014

Nothing works on the stage like a well-crafted story, and Oliver! is just such a show. Based on the Charles Dickens novel, it will engage the entire family with its humor and drama, while delighting everyone with its outstanding musical numbers. “Food, Glorious Food”, “I’d Do Anything”, “Where is Love?”, “Consider Yourself”, “As Long As He Needs Me”, “Who Will Buy?”, and “Reviewing the Situation” are musical theatre classics. Dickens’ characters are brought to life-perhaps larger than life-in this timeless tale.

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.
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Oliver: Asher Angel
Nancy: Sammie Lideen
Widow Corney: Barbara McBain
Mr. Bumble: Jeff Davey
Dodger: Alex Tuchi
Bill Sykes: Rick (Richard) Williams
Fagin: David Chorley
Yth Ens/Noah: Sawyer Bland
Yth Ens: Alexa Buttafuoco
Yth Ens: Gabby Astrowsky
Yth Ens/Charley Bates: Zachary Astrowsky
Yth Ens: Steven Enriquez
Yth Ens: Carter Holt
Yth Ens: Tucker Walz Ens/Mrs. Sowerberry: Kelsey Blanco
Ens/Bet: Aimee Blau
Ens/Mr. Sowerberry: Sean Carroll
Ens/Mrs. Bedwin: Kelly Fulcher
Ens/Charlotte: Jennie Rhiner
Ens/Dr. Grimwig: Curt Wooley
Ens (WWB)/Brownlow: Tim Shafer
Ens (WWB): Audra Nelson
Ens (WWB): Star Parra
Ens: Matthew Coates
Ens: Nevin Cully
Ens: David Heap
Ens: Roy Thielen
Ens: Shannon Acevedo

Ens: Dan Marburger

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