Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GODSPELL, Mesa Encore Theatre, September 5-21, 2014

In this classic and beloved treasure of American Musical Theatre, ten young people joyously perform their way through the Gospel according to Matthew. Through song, innovative theatrics, and creative play, a community of love and fellowship is formed, only to be put in peril at Jesus’ ultimate trial. Is faith stronger than fear? With memorable songs that encompass folk, rock, Broadway, and vaudeville, we invite you to sing along with us in our powerful and moving production of Godspell, unlike any the world has ever seen.
Call 480-644-6500 or click here for tickets!

Direction, Choreography, Prop Design: Brian Foley
Musical Direction: Debra Jo Davey, DMA
Producer: Brenda Jean Foley, Jason K. Walz
Scenic Design: Brian Foley, Chris Peterson
Technical Director: Daniel Lowe
Lighting Design: Collin Mulligan
Costume Design: Mickey Courtney / Rhea Courtney
Sound Design: Canyon Stewart
Stage Manager: Wendy Smith

Jesus: Rudy Ramirez
John/Judas: Kyle Bennett
Vinny Chavez
Marjani Hing-Glover
Abigail Marshall
Ben Massouras
Adam Mendez, Jr.
Rachel Stilchen
Destiny Walsh
Jessica Webb

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