Thursday, November 1, 2018

review - YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - Mesa Community College PAC

Jared Kitch and JT Ziervogel
Photo by Nick Woodward-Shaw
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"...After he found huge success in 2001 with the stage adaptation of his film The Producers, it was only natural that (Mel Brooks) would tap into his vast comedy movie library for a follow up. His decision to turn his 1974 film Young Frankenstein into a big stage musical seemed a no-brainer, especially since it's full of memorable characters, witty and often quoted one liners, and many wacky situations. But it only ran on Broadway for just over a year. Fortunately, the musical has had a healthy life in regional theatre, including Mesa Community College's production which features a fun and talented cast, rich creative elements, and an abundance of comical shenanigans....Directors Allyson Van Patten and Sue Anne Lucius have cast this production with a talented group of actors who deliver rich and very funny portrayals that are close enough to the beloved movie actors' portrayals to give a hint of familiarity for fans of the film while also adding original bits to make them fresh. ...with good use of Amanda Embry's exceptional set design, which includes a gorgeous backdrop of the Frankenstein castle high on a hill, an elaborate laboratory set, and numerous other large set elements that quickly set the location of each scene. Cody Soper's lighting is stunning...JT Ziervogel's great comic timing works well for Frederick. He instills the role with a sense of eccentricity and smarts along with a big dose of excitability. ...Ariana Lucius infuses Inga with an abundance of charm, a high amount of sexuality, and some bright vocals. As the Monster, Jared Kitch is an absolute crowd pleaser, with an ability to turn a series of grunts into comic gold. Zachary Cacciacarro is equally good, with perfect comic timing and expressive and humorous gestures, as Igor. ...Paige Stabley is delicious as Frederick's oversexed fiancée Elizabeth. Angelica McGrew is very fun as the mysterious Frau Blücher, and Sergio Santa Cruz is hilarious as the blind hermit....While Young Frankenstein may not be a perfect musical, it has many bright, bawdy and humorous moments and culminates in a fun-filled laugh riot. With a very good cast, exceptional creative aspects, and clean-cut direction, Mesa Community College's production proves that even if a show wasn't a big hit on Broadway it can still be fun and crowd-pleasing in regional theatres." -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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