Tuesday, September 23, 2014

reviews - MEMPHIS, Phoenix Theatre

Reviews are in for Phoenix Theatre's production of Memphis -

"an unstoppable in-your-face energy.  It practically leaps off the stage from the get-go."  - David Appleford - Valley Screen and Stage

"as effective, crowd pleasing and powerful as it was on Broadway.  With a vastly talented cast, impressive direction and creative elements as well as vocals that make the most of the rocking score, Phoenix Theatre’s Memphis is an explosive and engaging production, just as impressive as it was on Broadway, that brings the important message of the story to life in an engaging way.
Gil Benbrook - Talkin' Broadway

" “Memphis” entertains mightily but also leaves audiences with a thoughtful look at one of this country’s biggest challenges.  What a show!" - Chris Curcio - KBAQ

"Phoenix Theatre's season opener is a faithful re-creation of the 2010 Tony Award winner for best musical. A mix of style-perfect pastiche and more contemporary musical-theater hybrid, it thumps and buzzes with good-natured energy.  If you saw "Memphis" in New York or on tour, however, you might get the feeling that this re-creation is just a little bit too faithful, To be fair, the enthusiastic audience at a recent matinee performance would surely disagree with this assessment. But it's a good bet this was their first "Memphis," not their second or third."  -  Kerry Lengel -  Arizona Republic

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