Monday, September 1, 2014

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, Palms Theatre, October 9 - November 15, 2014

This superb example of the British farce had A London cab driver, John Smith, literally has two lives,
complete with two different wives, Mary and Barbara. Somehow, he manages to juggle them both
without arousing suspicion. However, he gets caught up in a mugging, and he wakes up in a hospital.
He ends up with Mary instead of with Barbara, with whom he should be at the moment, and he now
has to deal with explaining this problem to both of his wives and the police all at once.

Front row: Caitlin Newman, Victor Legarreta, Erik Hogan and Shannon Connolly;
back row: Jesse Staubach, Joel Duke and Mark Kleinman
Written by Ray Cooney
Directed by Victor Legarreta
Set Designer/Properties: Thomas R. Prather
Costume Designer: Tia Hawkes
Lighting Designer: Chris Kockler
Stage Manager: Cindy Farnsworth

Cast: (in alphabetical order)
Mary Smith: Shannon Connolly
Bobby Franklyn/Reporter: Joel Duke
Stanley Gardner: Erik Hogan
Detective Porterhouse: Mark Kleinman
John Smith: Victor Legarreta
Barbara Smith: Caitlin Newman
Detective Troughton: Jesse Staubach

Photo: Shari Corbett / Palms Theatre

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