Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Spotlight Youth Theatre announces auditions for EMMETT'S ART PROJECT, October 12 & 13



“Emmett’s Art Project” Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Be a part of one of the most important and powerful shows Spotlight has ever staged.

Help us speak out and take action through theatre in a creative and safe platform.

Audition Dates:

October 12th @ 6pm

October 13th @ 6pm

14 to 19


Please come prepared with two contrasting one minute monologues.
Headshots and resume are required.
Masks are required.


October 14th @ 5pm

All auditions and callbacks are held at Spotlight Youth Theatre.

Character Breakdown:

AMIRAH -  Female. Biracial (While & Black). Teen. Amirah represents indifference. Her enneagram is 9 (peacemaker) and life is just easier when people aren’t arguing or fighting. She will do or say pretty much anything to make people happy and keep the peace. She has made it a point to not make any of her beliefs (what few she has) known to the public. It’s safer that way. She’s even-tempered and nothing much hurts her feelings.

ADA (Huizhong, means wise & loyal) - Teen Female. Biracial (Asian & White). Ada is the guide. She is one of the members of ART. As her name suggests, she is wise and loyal; she protects those she cares about and stands up for her beliefs. She’s a bit on the bolder side but knows how to read a room. She does her best to create peace amongst division and believes in the goodness of people.

RASHAAD- Teen Male. Black. Rashaad is a kind yet outspoken student who leads with passion. He is the head of ART and is constantly finding new membership for the club. He has had many different experiences with race, and therefore is the most level-headed of the group.

EMMETT - Teen Male. Black. Emmett is the only student at the school who both goes to Amirah’s church and is an active member of the ART club. He’s not afraid to discuss religion or politics and doesn’t mind if he offends people or steps on people’s toes. He’s not angry and he doesn’t raise his voice often. He’s confident in who he is. He is the artistic type and likes discovering new creative outlets like drawing, painting, photography or even graphic design.

EMMA - Teen Female. White. Emma is one of Amirah’s friends from church. She has a gentle leadership personality and is actively working to be comfortable with herself. She appreciates well thought-out and researched information. She’s a natural born leader, and although she tries to share, she usually doesn’t mind being in charge.

MARLO - Teen and can be any gender. White. Marlo is one of Amirah’s church friends. Marlo considers themself not as “uppity” as the other students in their church group. Marlo blends in well outside of the church community and often hears the phrase “You’re one of the cool Christians.” Marlo is into their phone and pop culture. Don’t get them wrong, they still very much believe in their faith but not so much into the institution of the religion. Marlo might start their prayers with “Hey God.”

ZION - Teen and can be any gender. Non-black POC. Another one of Amirah’s friends from church. Zion is sometimes overlooked because they are not as strong willed and extroverted as Emmett, Emma, or Marlo. Zion is really into music and there is almost always a song stuck in their head. Zion is silly and comfortable around people they know, but can be reserved in a group setting. Zion is sensitive, but when given permission, can really surprise you.

DALLAS - Teen can be any gender. White. Dallas grew up in a rigid and religious household. Not only Dallas’ parents, but their entire family was and still is incredibly religious. Maybe they are Catholic or LDS. Dallas is resentful of their families faith. Dallas is passionate about creating a safe space for outcasts and will fight anyone who would bully/troll someone for being different. Dallas attributes a lot of the hate, division, and pain in the world to the religious right.

TAMIKA - Teen female. POC. Tamika is well researched and unafraid of offending people with the truth. She has no problem publicly calling people out but can still be goofy when she wants to be. Her friends are her life and she takes pride in their inside jokes, group hangouts, and the things that make their relationship legitimate. 

SALEM - Teen any gender. POC. Salem is a part of the ART club. The mission of the club is very personal for Salem. When Salem fights, it’s out of bravery and pride for their heritage. Salem is loyal and boisterous. Sometimes Salem's tenacity can swing a little far for some people, but Salem feels perfectly justified in their choices. 

MALE ADULT: Dad, Teacher, Man, Nurse


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