Friday, July 18, 2014

JULIAN SANDS IN A CELEBRATION OF HAROLD PINTER, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, February 4, 2015

Directed by John Malkovich
With personal anecdotes and reflections drawn from their work together, acclaimed British actor Julian Sands (A Room with a ViewThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo24) combines Harold Pinter’s poems and prose to create a fresh and intimate portrait of the Nobel laureate and his extraorindary literary legacy. In 2005, Sands was approached by Pinter to prepare a set of his poems for a special presentation in London. Working closely with Pinter, he was granted a rare insight into his personality, life and work. This extraordinary collaboration evolved into this wonderfully humorous and fascinating solo show directed by John Malkovich. Devoid of pretension or glittery trappings, A Celebration of Harold Pinter gets to the soul of the man.
“Julian Sands is on occasion about as naked as an actor can be ... when he reads Pinter’s poems, you feel the playwright’s presence. This modest, affecting show embodies the notion of the actor as a transparent vessel through which we see the thoughts and feelings of others.”
– The New York Times
“[Sands’] accomplished delivery of Pinter’s moving language is both graceful and impassioned, as he vehemently enacts Pinter’s intensity or extemporaneously adds a few asides.”
– Associated Press

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