Monday, August 12, 2019

audition notice - DARKSIDE - Mesa Encore Theatre - August 25 & 26

Author: Ken Jones        Director: George Canady

This audition is for MET's Black Box series. Performances will take place in our intimate, 60-seat theatre at 933 E. Main St. 

This production calls for 3 men, 2 women, and one either; Performers of all ages (20-60), ethnicities, physical abilities and gender identities are encouraged to audition.

Synopsis: Two American astronauts are stranded in a lunar landing module on the dark side of the moon while a third orbits in the command module. As they work with ground control toward rescue, flashbacks reveal their stories.

Audition Sign-Up:

Location for Auditions: MET 933 E. Main, Mesa, AZ 85203
Dates for Auditions: August 25th & 26th  6:00pm-10:00pm
Callbacks: (If needed) August 27th  6:00pm until cast

First Rehearsal: September 18th
Production Dates: November 8th - 24th, 2019 @ MET BlackBox

Audition Notes:
Headshot and resumé requested but not required
Prepare one of the Audition Sides provided on Casting Manager

WILLIAM C. "BILL" GRIFFIN - an astronaut, Command Module Pilot (age 40s-50s/male)
GERALD R "GUNNER" SMITH - an astronaut, Flight Commander (age 40s-50s/male)
EDWARD SCOTT STONE - an astronaut, Lunar Module Pilot (age 30s-40s/male)
BETH GRIFFIN - wife of Bill Griffin (age 40s-50s/female)
GIGI STONE - wife of Ed Stone (age 20s-30s/female)
REPORTER - a television reporter (age 30s-50s/male or female)
**Mesa Encore Theatre is a volunteer community playhouse and offers no monetary compensation to any of its performers.

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