Monday, June 13, 2016

review - MOON OVER BUFFALO - Desert Stages Theatre

Ted Frumkin and KatiBelle Collins
Photo by Heather and Dana Butcher
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 "Equal parts sitcom, farce, and slapstick, Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo is a crowd-pleasing comedy that when done right can generate big laughs. Desert Stages Theatre's production, while relatively small and bare bones, features a talented cast who achieve confident and comical performances and the end result is a very funny affair. The plot is set in 1953 and centers on a theatrical couple, George and Charlotte Hay, who are past their prime and find their once famous careers fading, along with their audiences, while they perform two plays in repertory in Buffalo...
Director Dan Ashlock does a good job of ensuring that the pacing of the lunacy moves along at a fast clip, but he also doesn't let the performances become too broad or over the top. ...As George and Charlotte, Ted Frumkin and KatiBelle Collins are both quite good. They form a realistic couple who alternate between moments of love for each other and other times filled with rage and snippy compliments...Collins is lovely as the larger than life actress who still thinks she can play the ingĂ©nue. While the end result is very good..., Frumkin is a bit forced in an extended scene in which he must appear to be intoxicated.  The rest of the cast rise to the level of Frumkin and Collins' heightened delivery...Full of snappy dialogue and vibrant, humorous characters, Moon Over Buffalo is a deliciously funny and well-constructed backstage farce that has many moments of sheer lunacy but also an abundance of warmth. With a talented cast and confident direction, Desert Stages' production is bright and breezy and with lots of laughs."  -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)