Thursday, April 14, 2016

review - PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM - Fountain Hills Theater

Wade Moran and Timothy Pittman
Photo by Carol Carroll
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 "Play It Again, Sam is a sweet romantic comedy that follows the humorous aftermath of a divorce and its impact on a neurotic writer who is attempting to date again. Fountain Hills Theater's production of Woody Allen's 1979 play is a charmer with a cast that delivers Allen's comical script with ease....Director Bob Feugate.. not only found a cast that ensures Allen's humorous dialogue gets big laughs, but they also make the characters believable and not just caricatures delivering a series of punch lines. He also achieves a superb 1970s look and feel for the entire production and keeps the pace swift. ...As Allan, Wade Moran delivers a nuanced performance that has echoes of Woody Allen's well-known obsessive traits without becoming a complete impersonation. ...It is a winning performance. Van Rockwell and Ashley Miller are good as Dick and Linda, with Rockwell's portrayal of the ambitious businessman a nice counterpoint to Moran's nebbish Allan. Miller is believable as the woman who makes Allan realize that he is best when he is just being himself and not trying to impress someone. The scenes Miller and Moran have together are genuine and heartfelt. Timothy Pittman gives a solid portrayal of Humphrey Bogart and an expert and measured delivery of the advice Bogart gives. ...Peter J. Hill's evocative and attractive set and the wonderful costumes from Gail Oliphant bring the 1970s back to life in full force, complemented by Bob and Alisa Feugate's property designs and the hair and makeup creations by Patsy Johnson and Marybeth Ingram. ...Charming, short, and sweet, and also a little silly, Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam is a swift moving comedy with characters you care about. With a good cast, solid direction and lovely creative elements, Fountain Hills Theater's production is a winner."  -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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