Tuesday, January 6, 2015

reviews - MURDER FOR TWO - Arizona Theatre Company

 " Murder for Two...may be a murder mystery and the plot may have a traditional beginning, middle and end but it’s also something more; it’s a celebration of what theatre can do.   It could hardly work in other medium.  Once you get used to the rhythm and the overall silliness of Kinosian’s theatrical style, Murder for Two hooks you and reels you in.   In the end the fun is not in finding out which of Kinosian’s several characters committed the crime, it’s the pleasure of the ninety minute journey you experience to get there.  Go see Murder for Two.   You’ll have a great time." -David Appleford, Valley Screen and Stage (click here to read complete review)

"The 95-minute whodunit is likable enough, but not much more. A brilliant turn from co-creator Joe Kinosian as all of the suspects in the show is the major reason to see this production. But, overall, it's a bit of a letdown in how the frantic nature of the musical and the corny jokes, eccentric characters and convoluted ending don't add up to much when the 'who' in the whodunit is unmasked."
-Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read complete review)

"The predictably idiotic and nonsensically silly Murder for Two is remarkably unfunny and is one of the worst plays Arizona Theatre Company has ever presented.  What is so strange, is that this blandly uninteresting murder mystery spoof features two excellent farceurs playing all 14 characters but the pair are given such mundane, badly rehashed, and blantantly boring material that the 90 minute play seems to drag on for an eternity.  Audiences will quickly lose track of the wacky and irreverent plot as well as the convoluted and dull witted characters as it all meshes into blah nothingness.  Following the stupid plot that sadly attempts to spoof and ridicule the murder mystery genre will seem a waste of time." -Chris Curcio, KBAQ (click here to read complete review)

"For a show packed with so much vaudevillian shtick, Murder for Two gets off to a surprisingly sputtering start. The one-act musical comedy is a spoof of a classic drawing-room murder mystery.
The gimmick is that two actors not only play all the characters, they also play the piano onstage, serving as their own orchestra. The mystery is a paint-by-numbers affair  and all the characters are cartoon cutouts. Hence the snoozy opening. But once the interrogations kick into high gear, Murder for Two qualifies as a minor hoot. Although the songs are tuneful enough, there's nothing that will make you ask the usher if there's a cast recording. The real pleasure here is in the performance, including the Twister moves required to keep the action and the piano going at the same time. It may not be very memorable, but it's perfectly diverting" -Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic (click here to read complete review)

"Enduring Arizona Theatre Company's current production of Murder for Two is like watching two cute hamsters incessantly rolling on a wheel, keeping pace with its speed but going nowhere fast. It's curious, but, in the end, unsatisfying.  At first glance, this zany frolic, the creation of Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair, looks like an irresistible winner. There's no doubt that Messrs. Kinosian and Lowe make a great team and are, each in his own way, versatile and immensely talented performers. They sing, dance, pace, and piano play with aplomb. However, notwithstanding Mr. Kinosian's agility and posing, there's nothing particularly memorable or distinctive in the birthday party suspects or the songs that are supposed to define them. Midstream in this whodunit spoof, one of Mr. Kinosian's characters opines that they've witnessed another death ~ that of the American theatre. It is surely intended to be a laugh line, but it's a bit too near the painful truth" -Herbert Paine, Broadway World (click here to read complete review)

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