Thursday, September 25, 2014

reviews THE BROTHERS SIZE Stray Cat Theatre

Damon J. Bolling, DeJean Brown and Michael Thompson (Photo: John Groseclose)
"a stunning piece of work.   In The Brothers Size (Ron May's) managed to pull three outstanding performances out of his cast, all of whom add flesh to their characters and a distinct sense of reality to what they’re talking about.  Local audiences tend to hand out standing ovations as though they were free samples.   The performance this reviewer attended didn’t get one, but if any play presented in the valley this year deserved a standing-o it’s this accomplished and heart wrenching production of The Brothers Size." - David Appleford - Valley Screen and Stage

"with three superb actors and direction so effective that they combine to overcome the few shortfalls of the play...though there are some parts that don’t work or are slightly unclear, it is still quite effective and results in a drama that is ultimately moving even if some questions aren’t answered and some confusion still exists. Director Ron May has found three skilled actors to portray these three very different men. The Brothers Size is a haunting, powerful piece of drama but also a play with an element of pretention that could easily sideline the piece with a less talented cast or director. While it doesn’t all work and there are a few moments of confusion and clarity, those are faults of the play and not this production. The Brothers Size ultimately serves as a reminder of the struggles people go through and the obstacles they encounter along the way to become free and May and his actors keep the play churning along with heroic performances and riveting direction to its dramatic conclusion."
-Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"an exemplary theater piece for Stray Cat Theatre’s season premiere. The fine production is masterminded by artistic director Ron May, but it is McCraney’s intelligent play that artfully shows how two brothers and a friend struggle to figure out life’s intricacies.  May’s staging is tense and taunt for the struggles these guys face.  May has found three gifted actors who execute these roles with tough realism. “The Brothers Size” is a hard play to sit through but for those willing, it provides insight into the grittier side of real lives." -Chris Curcio- KBAQ

"moving character study of two men who take very different paths on the quest to find a grace note of freedom in an unjust society. Designer Eric Beeck's evocatively ramshackle set creates a torpid bayou atmosphere, and director Ron May guides his three actors toward a vivid intimacy that hypnotizes the audience. It's a modest story told with grand ambition, and beautifully."
-Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

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