Tuesday, January 25, 2022

WEEK AT A GLANCE: January 24-January 30

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Cast Announced for THE WIZARD OF OZ at West Valley Stages


Wizard of OZ RED CAST 

Cast (Performances: Jan 27th , 28th and 29th )

Dorothy Gale: .Ryan Hodges
Emily Gale (Aunt Em): Avery Counts
Toto: Capri Hatch
Zeke, farmhand /Scarecrow: Olivia Holman
Hickory, farmhand/ Tin Man: Anthony Quinonez
Hunk, farmhand/ Lion: Brandt Marberry
Miss Almira Gultch/ Wicked Witch of the West: Jazie Story
Professor Chester Marvel/Doorman/Wizard of Oz: Brian Shahenian
Glinda, the Witch of the North: Camryn Johnson
Mayor/Tree1/Winkie General/Jitterbug1: Lane Silleud
Munchkin Coroner/Tree2/Omby(Winkie)/Jitterbug 2: Addison Dwyer
Munchkin Barister/Tree3/Tollydiggle(Winkie)/ Jitterbug 3: Siana Bouchard
Flower Girl Munchkin/Tree 4/Busby(Winkie)/ Ariel the Poppy: Krista Falk
Lullaby League Munchkin/Tree 6/Gisella (Winkie)/Jitterbug 4: Cora Welch
Mayor’s Asst. Munchkin/Tree 7/Lurline(Winkie)/ Melody the Poppy: Kenna Kavanaugh
Tough Girl Munchkin/Tree 8/ Fyter(Winkie)/Jitterbug 5: Ariel Mendivil
Twister Dancer/Crow 1/Nikko(Leader of Winged Monkeys)Emerald Host: Alex Dwyer
Crow 2/Monkey (Winged Monkey)/Guard 1: Avery Counts
Twister Dancer /Crow 3/Lilibeth(Winged Monkey)/Evrose: Izabella Holwerda
Twister Dancer/Crow 4/Aldo (Winged Monkey)/Guard 2: Sophia Vasil
Twister Dancer/ Crow 5/Kloey (Winged Money)/Beauty Parlor Girl 1: Tatum Teal
Twister Dancer/Crow 6/Kiki (Winged Monkey)/Hair Stylist: Kaylee Hale
Twister Dancer/ Crow 7/Dacio(Winged Monkey/Oz Assistant: Amelia Nicholson
Twister Dancer/ Crow 8/Raffles(Winged Monkey) Oz Assistant 2: Larkin Grimm

Wizard of OZ BLUE CAST 

Cast (Performances: Feb 3rd, 4th and 5th)

Dorothy Gale: Izzy Herndon
Emily Gale (Aunt Em): Patty Whalen
Toto: Jette Hunt
Zeke, farmhand /Scarecrow: Katherine Behling
Hickory, farmhand/ Tin Man: Jackson Gibbons
Hunk, farmhand/ Lion: Tristan Clark
Miss Almira Gultch/ Wicked Witch of the West: Madelyn Chavez
Professor Chester Marvel/Doorman/Wizard of Oz: Dillan VanVliet
Glinda, the Witch of the North: Emmalee Eaton
Mayor/Tree1/Winkie General/Jitterbug1: Isabella Aliberto
Munchkin Coroner/Tree2/Omby(Winkie)/Jitterbug 2: Elizabeth Behling
Munchkin Barister/Tree3/Tollydiggle(Winkie)/ Jitterbug 3: Natalie Arellano
Lollypop Guild Munchkin/Tree 5/Jinniky(Winkie)/ Jitterbug 4: Ajay Warren
Mayor’s Asst. Munchkin/Tree 7/Lurline(Winkie)/ Melody the Poppy: Abigale Udelhofen
Tough Girl Munchkin/Tree 8/ Fyter(Winkie)/Jitterbug 5: Regen Traines
Twister Dancer/Crow 1/Nikko(Leader of Monkeys)Emerald Host: Emmalyn Magruder 
Twister Dancer/Crow 2/Monkey (Winged Monkey)/Guard 1: Lily Lundin
Twister Dancer/Crow 3/Aldo (Winged Monkey)/Guard 2: Maddox Field
Twister Dancer /Crow 4/Lilibeth(Winged Monkey)/Evrose: Aubrey Slaughter
Crow 5/Kloey (Winged Money)/Beauty Parlor Girl 1: Patty Whalen
Twister Dancer/Crow 6/Kiki (Winged Monkey)/Hair Stylist: Jayden Gonzalez
Twister Dancer/ Crow 7/Dacio(Winged Monkey/Oz Assistant: Gabe Gonzales
Twister Dancer/ Crow 8/Fanta the Poppy, Oz Assistant 2: Aaliyah Hunt

Monday, January 24, 2022

Limelight Performing Arts and Studio 3 are hiring experienced Instructors and a Stage Manager

Job Position: Acting and/or Musical Theatre Instructor Needed
For immediate hire (for current classes, but also seeking for summer 2021)

Studio 3 & Limelight Performing Arts are currently looking for motivated and experienced instructors for acting, musical theatre, and dance.

Our studio values community, confidence, integrity, excellence, and opportunity, We value high-quality training and production value in our shows.

We are seeking 1 or more candidates to join our family friendly and close-knit community, teaching 1-3 days per week. Current class needs are Monday-Thursday for the spring season, though we are also looking for summer camp and summer workshop instructors.

Pay is based on experience. Please send a resume to info@studio3arts.com with the best time/phone number to reach out.

Job Position: Stage Manager
*We are willing to train!

Limelight Performing Arts is currently seeking a high-energy, charismatic, and highly organized stage manager for our upcoming production of Honk, Jr. We are looking for someone who can be professional, while also friendly, warm, and inviting. This person would thrive in a fast paced environment surrounded by children and can infect people with calm while managing the sometimes chaotic theatre environment.

Our rehearsals are typically Wed/Fri/Sat with tech also on those days. Performances are Fri/Sat/Sun Feb 25 through March 6. 

Our hope is to hire someone who may be interested in joining our family long-term for future projects. We can provide free training for candidates with little experience if you have the right personality and drive to be successful in this position.

Please send your resume to limelightartsaz@gmail.com with the best time/phone number to call.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Auditions for SCRAMBLED EGGS at B3 Theater announced for January 29 & 30

B3 Theater, Inc. is proud to announce auditions for the drama Scrambled Eggs.

Story Synopsis: A doctor with a demeanor like a used-car salesman has pioneered trans-orbital lobotomies, which he specifically targets at women and ex-soldiers.  Whitney is a bright, competent, balanced woman who slips up and asks her man what he is thinking.  Her husband fears she is losing it, and takes her to the doctor, who prescribes “scrambling her eggs,” e.g., a lobotomy.  The friends who congregate, mostly married couples, all react differently to Whitney’s oddness.   A terrifying and funny look at gaslighting and bypassing women’s power.

Director: Melissa Galván

Rehearsals Begin: Feb. 7, 2022

Run Begins: March 25, 2022

Run Ends: April 2, 2022

Character Breakdown:

WALTER: 40-50. Walter Jackson Freeman II. The father of the transorbital lobotomy. A hopeful, ignorant fraud. WALTER directs the energy from his failing marriage toward his patients, who he truly believes he is helping. Walter does, though, think that women need more fixing than men do. 

JAMES: 25-30. The straight-arrow husband to WHITNEY. JAMES saw the advertisement in the paper portraying the perfect nuclear family, and every decision he makes is in pursuit of that two-dimensional image. 

WHITNEY: 25-30. Very well read. WHITNEY thinks everything should be perfect. She also believes she has control over that. She tries so, so hard. 

DORIS: 25-30. WHITNEY’s sister, outwardly timid, inwardly strong. DORIS has always been a lesbian. She cares deeply for others, even when it isn’t in her best interest. 

RICHARD: 25-30. The life of the party drunk. RICHARD is a WWII veteran with a permanent leg injury which causes a slight limp. He doesn’t want to think about the war, so he drinks. He loves his wife, HELEN so, so much. 

HELEN: 25-30. Thrives in her role as the housewife. HELEN loves being a mom, loves being a friend, and loves being married to RICHARD. Maybe she doesn't know what else to love. 

MAGGIE: 25-30. Pursues what she wants...when she knows what that is. MAGGIE does not accept situations that aren’t good for her. She compensates for fear by pressing forward. She has always been a bisexual. 

FRANK: 25-30. Just wants everyone to be happy. FRANK is everyone’s welcome mat. He is well-read, but not nearly as much as WHITNEY is. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be mentally ill, but he’d like to understand.

Audition Prep: Auditioners are asked to prepare a 1-2 minutes contemporary dramatic monologue.

Audition Dates and Times: Saturday January 29th, from noon to 3PM;
and Sunday January 30th, from 4PM to 6:30PM.

Callbacks are January 30th, from 7PM-9:30PM

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Cast announced for SINGIN' IN THE RAIN at The Phoenix Theatre Company



Defy the doldrums in this spectacular romantic comedy guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Our cast is making a splash in our Mainstage Theatre February 2 to April 3! 🌈


Ryan Ardelt's black and white headshot

Ryan Ardelt as Ensemble and Don Lockwood Understudy

Matravius Avent's black and white headshot

Matravius Avent* as Ensemble

Kade Bailey's black and white headshot

Kade Bailey as Ensemble

Sally Jo Bannow's black and white headshot

Sally Jo Bannow* as Dora Bailey/Mrs. Dinsmore et al.

Shani Barrett's black and white headshot

Shani Barrett as Zelda Zanders et al.

Geoff Belliston's black and white headshot

Geoff Belliston as Roscoe Dexter

Elyssa Blonder's black and white headshot

Elyssa Blonder* as Kathy Selden

Dallyn Brunck's black and white headshot

Dallyn Brunck as Ensemble

Tarnim Bybee's black and white headshot

Tarnim Bybee as Ensemble

Abbi Cavanaugh's black and white headshot

Abbi Cavanaugh* as Ensemble, Dance Captain, and Kathy Selden Understudy

Hahnna Christianson's black and white headshot

Hahnna Christianson as Ensemble

Stephanie Funk's black and white headshot

Stephanie Funk as Ensemble

Katie Jurich's black and white headshot

Katie Jurich as Ensemble

Derek Luscutoff's black and white headshot

Derek Luscutoff as Ensemble and Cosmo Brown Understudy

Aidan Lutton's black and white headshot

Aidan Lutton as Ensemble

Ben Massouras' black and white headshot

Ben Massouras as Ensemble

Emily Mohney's black and white headshot

Emily Mohney* as Lina Lamont

Blake Patrick Spellacy's black and white headshot

Blake Patrick Spellacy* as Cosmo Brown

Michael Starr's black and white headshot

Michael Starr* as Don Lockwood

Elizabeth Stolper Falk's black and white headshot

Elizabeth Stolper Falk as Ensemble

Sarah Wiechman's black and white headshot

Sarah Wiechman as Ensemble

Michael Starr's black and white headshot

D. Scott Withers* as R.F Simpson

Ellie Barrett's black and white headshot

Ellie Barrett as Ensemble Swing

Wesley Bradstreet's black and white headshot

Wesley Bradstreet as Ensemble Swing

Jacqueline Breker's black and white headshot

Jacqueline Breker as Ensemble Swing

Kat Wolff's black and white headshot

Kat Wolff as Lina Lamont Understudy and Dora/Dinsmore Understudy

Riley Clark's black and white headshot

Riley Clark as Ensemble Swing

Mike Lawler's black and white headshot

Mike Lawler* as R.F Simpson Understudy, Roscoe Dexter Understudy, and Diction Coach Understudy

Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors & stage managers in the US

CLICK HERE for more information, and to purchase tickets


Auditions for AND THEN THERE WERE NONE at Hale Centre Theatre announced for Feburary 5

Hale Centre Theatre will be holding auditions for Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None on February 5. The show will be directed by Tim Dietlein. This show is scheduled to run from April 26th, 2022 through June 21st, 2022. Performances will be Mondays and Tuesdays with 4PM matinees and 7:30 PM evening performances. This production will have approximately 22 performances. This show will be double cast.

Ten strangers are summoned to a remote island. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they're unwilling to reveal and a secret that will seal their fate. For each has been marked for murder. As the weather turns and the group is cut off from the mainland, the bloodbath begins and one by one they are brutally murdered in accordance with the lines of a sinister nursery rhyme.

In-person auditions are available by appointment only on February 5th. Video submissions are due by February 5th at 10:00 AM. Important: if submitting your video audition select the "Video Appointment" box on the sign up page.

Auditions are open to all and we extend an invitation for all races and ethnicities to submit. Posted ages are guidelines only.

Cast Announced for CHARLOTTE'S WEB, THE MUSICAL at Spotlight Youth Theatre


CHARLOTTE.............Audrey Palacios
FERN ARABLE...........Valerie Winch
WILBUR.................William Richardson
TEMPLETON..............Corban Adams
AVERY ARABLE.........JR Riddle
GOOSE.......................Reagan Little
GANDER....................Michael Jaramillo
SHEEP........................Skyler Phoenix
LAMB.........................Madelynn McBee
OWL............................Charlee Shaver
BAT............................Jaxyn Damasco

JOY..............................Kinlee Adams
ARANEA.....................Azra Kearns
KELLIE...........................Teagan Wawro

JOHN ARABLE...............Luke Bader
MARTHA ARABLE.......Heather Walker
HOMER ZUCKERMAN.......Mike Wawro
EDITH ZUCKERMAN.........Kelly Swope
LURVY...............................Alec Pursell

Logan Swope
Barbara Winch
Kimberly Schneider

Janella Beaver
Brenna Eagmin
Lilly Belle Lange
Justis Schneider
AJ Riddle

THE SUPERHERO ULTRAFERNO - TheaterWorks - March 18-April 10, 2022

Theater Works returns with new a “grown-up” theater series, After Dark!

Our new After Dark series, for audiences 16 and older, debuts on March 18, 2022, with “The Superhero Ultraferno" and tickets are on sale now!

The play by Don Zolidis developed specifically for Theater Works, features a team of nerds and a crack team of over 50 characters as they race through the hilarious world of tights-wearing crimefighters with thoughts on sexism, sex and pop culture, this production will take place in the McMillin Theater, which is an intimate venue with 65 people in the audience. 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30
Sunday at 5:00


In order to create a safe space for both audience members and actors and to keep our stages bright, wearing a mask is a requirement for audience members attending Theater Works productions. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. More details are available in the ticket purchasing process. Special safety performances are available with those most cautious in mind.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Auditions for RIPCORD at Fountain Hills Theater announced for January 29 & 30

Fountain Hills Theater announces the auditions for Ripcord.

Saturday, Jan 29 @ 10:00am and Sunday, Jan. 30 @ 6pm

Callbacks (If required) Monday, Jan. 31 @ 7:00pm.

Audition sign up 480-837-9661 X 3 fhtaz.org/auditions

A sunny room on an upper floor is prime real estate in the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, so when the cantankerous Abby is forced to share her quarters with new-arrival Marilyn, she has no choice but to get rid of the infuriatingly chipper woman by any means necessary. A seemingly harmless bet between the old women quickly escalates into a dangerous game of one-upmanship that reveals not just the tenacity of these worthy opponents, but also deeper truths that each would rather remain hidden.
Ripcord is directed by Wanda McHatton.  
Ripcord will play March 18 – April 3, 2022.  (Possible extension to April 10.)

Auditions will be held Saturday, Jan. 29 @ 10:00am and Sunday, Jan. 30 @ 6:00pm.  Sign up at fhtaz.org/auditions. Callbacks (if required) Monday, Jan. 31 @ 7:00pm. Auditioners are asked to provide a 1-2-minute comic monologue and be prepared to read cold from the script.  Please note that the script contains adult material.    Early video auditions - which must be submitted prior to Jan. 29 – may be submitted and can substitute for appearing at the Saturday or Sunday auditions.  However, if chosen from a video audition, candidates will be required to appear in person at the callbacks.  Video auditions should be sent to peter@fhtaz.org. FHT prefers and encourages auditioners to be vaccinated. 

Casting for:  

Characters ages are not set in stone. Actors should consider roles if they feel they can represent the age ranges listed.  All roles are open to all ethnicities. Please note:  The roles of Abby and Marilyn have been cast.
Benjamin/Lewis/Clown: Male, 30-49
Benjamin: The estranged son of Abby; reclusive and shy; rough around the edges; a former addict who has relapsed many times; he is trying to make a better life and comes to make amends with his mother. 
Lewis: Marilyn's son, who is also a skydiving instructor; knowledgeable and lively. Clown: An actor in a haunted house who plays an evil clown that tries to steal and eat a baby.

Scotty: Male, 20-39
Scotty is a bright, dedicated, and committed resident aide at Bristol Place Senior Living; an aspiring actor; he is trying to do his job to the best of his ability and make Marilyn and Abby, but he will not shy away from putting his foot down with Marilyn when needed.

Colleen/Woman in White: Female, 30-49
Colleen: The bright, sunny, lighthearted, perky, quirky, and caring daughter of Marilyn and wife of Derek; high-energy like her mother, but with more fierceness; will go to extreme lengths to help her mother win the room and to gain a friend. 
Woman in White: An actress in a haunted house who is trying to save her baby from the Clown.

Derek/Zombie Butler/Masked Man: Male, 30-49
Derek: Colleen's other half, literally and figuratively; more realistic and reserved than his wife; always cautious and worried. 
Zombie Butler: An actor who is leading the haunted house tour. 
Also plays Masked Man.

Ripcord is presented through Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.

Cast announced for CHESS, THE MUSICAL at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre

Florence - Alice Johnson
Freddie - Zac Bushman
Anatoly - Nick Hambruch
Svetlana - Christina Clodt
Arbiter - Jeremy Yampolsky
Molokov - Josh Hengst
Walter - Casey Karepetian
Gregor - Henry Male
Nikolai - Rudy Bogojevich
Young Florence - Ava Seidensticker

Fallin Ossipinsky
Bella Quinn
Davona Jackson
Jessyca Jacobs
Bailey Gorman
Raymere Carter
Kirsten Orrahood
Courtney Jacobs
Savoy Antoinette
Maria Bain
Kennedy Czyz
Alexandra Palmatier
Paola Castellanos
Matt Snell
Tyler Snell
Salem Stalworthy

CHESS THE MUSICAL, directed by Chris R. Chávez and music-directed by Ken Goodenberger, opens at Desert Stages Theatre on Friday, March 4, and runs through Sunday, March 20.   
Tickets are $25 per person, on sale NOW at https://bit.ly/DSTChess.