Thursday, September 1, 2016

ELLA AFTER - Starlight Community Theatre - November 04, 2016 – November 05, 2016

By Rob Wiedell

7 pm Fri, Nov4
2 pm Sat, Nov 5
7 pm Sat, Nov 5

Directed by Victoria Fricker – A Rising Star Youth Educational Workshop

Audiences of all ages will enjoy this humorous sequel to “Cinderella.” The ball is over and the Prince discovers who left the glass slipper behind…a beautiful, charming maiden named “Cinder” Ella. Due to the King’s failing health, the happy couple realizes they only have one week to plan the wedding. Not only does everyone in the kingdom have to be invited, but the couple has to choose a menu for their reception without offending the royal French chef, who would like to serve snails and fish eggs. When a mysterious scroll arrives at the palace, the Prince learns that if he marries Ella, a commoner, he cannot become king. Unwilling to cancel the wedding, the Prince decides to prepare his dimwitted, inept cousin to take the throne. Then with the wedding just days away, Cinderella is kidnapped and it is up to the Prince to find her before it is too late!

Presented through special arrangement with Big Dog/Norman Maine Publishing.

Theater Venue Location:
1611 W Whispering Wind Dr #9, Phoenix, AZ 85085
(1 block SW of Happy Valley & 16th Ave., W of I-17)

Cast includes: Anna Kerr, Ainsley Hart, Nash Hart, McKylah Quiroz, Rachel Morgan, alora Driggers, Myra Oblad, Brooke Fleishman, Nathan Loucy, Katie Kirsch, McKenzee Easton, Amelia Easton.

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