Wednesday, October 29, 2014

reviews SEMINAR Actors Theatre

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Playwright Theresa Rebeck’s script is razor sharp.  The doubts, the fears and the power play of all are well presented by a terrific ensemble under director Ron May’s guidance. Rebeck’s Seminar may not be quite the challenging comedy of intellectual wordplay you expected after the earlier Broadway hype, but it’s still great fun and more importantly it’s a promise of the standard of what is yet to come from Actors Theatre of Phoenix at its new, permanent home at Black Theatre Troupe. - David Appleford - Valley Screen and Stage

"well-cast and smartly directed. A witty, dialogue heavy play that is rich and even moving. With extremely nuanced, polished, and well directed performances of Theresa Rebeck's well-crafted characters, Seminar is receiving an exceptional production from the Actors Theatre." - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"perceptive but amusing...superbly staged and thoughtfully acted. May, the stalwart director and artistic leader of Stray Cat Theatre, is in top form as he keeps “Seminar” moving along at a brilliantly fast-paced clip but where all the humorous truths are appropriately emphasized.  May is one of the Valley’s best and most creative directors.  Like most productions May stages, he is aided by a strong acting of the best comedies to play locally in far too long. - Chris Curcio - KBAQ

"this play is one you won't want to miss.  A crackerjack cast and taut direction by Ron May.  Speaks to both the fragility and the optimism of artists, who open up their souls to public inspection while also struggling to fulfil their ordinary human needs" - Kerry Lengel - Arizona Republic

"tightly knit, fast-paced, engaging, and provocative comedy of mixed manners and artistic insights. A solid ensemble delivers Rebeck's rapid fire dialogue with bristling conviction and energy." - Herbert Paine - 

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