Saturday, October 18, 2014

reviews - THE PRODUCERS, Arizona Broadway Theatre

Reviews are in for Arizona Broadway Theatre's production of The Producers

"one of the largest, most audacious and knee-slappingly funniest musicals of all...Mess this one up and you’re done.   Here’s the great news: ABT audiences have nothing to worry about.  There’s a personal rule for a comedy. If the show contains more than six big laughs, it’s a winner. Within the first ten minutes, this production of The Producers surpassed that limit." - David Appleford, Valley Screen and Stage

" The Producers is an uproarious musical with a "take no prisoners" attitude, offends almost everyone possible, but also has a well-crafted book, a very witty score, and has so much charm and heart that it's easy to see why it was such a hit on Broadway. The ABT production has an exceptional cast, lush creative elements, and direction so confident that it manages to whip the affair into a comic delicacy." - Gil Benbrook,

"nicely done, from the detailed sets and costumes to the spot-on live orchestra.  Starring as Bialystock and Bloom are Michael McAssey and Jared Mancuso. Both are solid singers, and Mancuso's Astaire-smooth dancing is a nice contrast to his character's awkward nebbishness. It must be said, though, that neither actor reaches the full heights of zaniness, as many of Brooks' outrageously vulgar punch lines somehow only manage to land a glancing blow.  Happily, most of the cast is firing on all cylinders, and some of them are even turbocharged." - Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

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