Tuesday, August 16, 2016

auditions - LOST IN YONKERS - Desert Stages Theatre - August 21

from our friends at DST:

Join us for our second show in our 2016-2017 Actor's Cafe Season, the Neil Simon classic Lost In Yonkers!

Sunday August 21st at 7pm

Monday August 22nd at 7pm

Cold reads from the script

Register on line at http://desertstages.org/audition?event_id=86

Please bring printed out registration form along with head shot and resume.

First rehearsal begins August 29th.

Show run dates and times are:
October 7 - November 13, 2016
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

Directed by Mark Clemente

By America's great comic playwright, this memory play is set in a Yonkers in 1942. Bella is 35-years-old, mentally challenged and living at home with her mother, stern Grandma Kurnitz. As the play opens, ne'r do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on the old lady's doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys are left to contend with Grandma, with Bella and her secret romance, and with Louie, her brother, a small-time hoodlum in a strange new world called Yonkers.

Character List:

Jay: He is fifteen years old. The death of his mother forces him to be more mature than he is ready to be when his father leaves him and his younger brother with his family so he can sell scrap iron during World War Two. The play tells his coming-of-age story.

Arty: Jay's younger brother, he is 13 years old. More of an observer than the rest of his family, he often goes with the flow of things, but also can be a little childish.

Eddie: Jay and Arty's middle-aged father. After the death of his wife, he is forced to send his two sons to live with their grandmother, while he repays his large financial debts. He is shown to be, much like his sisters, a nervous wreck around Grandma.

Bella: Eddie's thirty-five-year-old sister. She is sometimes a bit off-center and is mentally challenged, but despite this she is also loving and protective of her nephews. Much of the second half of the play focuses on her attempts at independence from her stern mother.

Grandma Kurnitz: Eddie's mother. A very old and stern woman. Owing to her harsh childhood, she has always been very intolerant of what in others she calls "weaknesses". She is blunt, sometimes even in a funny way, and always knows what is going on with the people around her.

Louie: Eddie's flamboyant, jovial brother, in his late 30s, who comes to live with the family when he is hiding from the local mob. He is considered by Grandma Kurnitz to be the "survivor" of the family. He has a strong, mercurial nature, and a certain underlying dark side, which the kids uncover in the second act of the play. He works as a "bag-man" for the mob.

Gert: Eddie's other sister, mid to late 30s. She is a very interesting addition to the family. Her most noticeable issue is that when she breathes she has a tendency to suck in while still speaking, as a result of trauma instilled in her by Grandma from a young age. .

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