Wednesday, July 13, 2016

cast announcement - MACBETH - Brelby Theatre Company

for more information of this production, which is a free event for the public performing in downtown Glendale’s Murphy Park Amphitheatre and running October 28th to November 5th, CLICK HERE

Directed by Gerald Thomson

Cody Goulder – Macbeth

Jen Gantwerker – Lady Macbeth

Benjamin Harris – MacDuff

Kayla Pechac – Lady MacDuff

Marina Sharpe – First Witch

Kim See – Second Witch

Kayla Cook – Third Witch

John Perovich – Duncan

David Magadan – Ross

Eric Bond – Malcolm

Jared Queen – Donalbain

Cliff Williams – Banquo

Jaren Navenma – Lennox

Luke Gomez – First Murderer

Brian Maticic – Second Murderer

Ilana Lydia – Gentlewoman

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