Monday, April 25, 2016

BLUE GALAXY - Space 55 - April 29 - May 22, 2016

Space 55 brings the newest play from Kim Porter (with songs by Roger P Clark) to the stage.

Blue Galaxy, a musical set against the back-drop of a retro-music club scene, tells the story of a beautiful but seriously-overweight chick who wants to be loved in spite of her weight not because of it; posing a problem for the earnest chubby-chaser who pursues her.  Blue Galaxy is rated R for language, strong sexual content and nudity.

Lana has the perfect life on paper. She owns the coolest vintage clothing store, drives the sweetest 1959 blue Ford Galaxie, and is queen of the local retro-music scene. She and her best friends, former child pop-stars the Della Rocca Sisters, have all the petticoats, free-flowing cocktails and cute rockabilly boys they can handle. But, Lana is secretly miserable, thanks to the lifelong abuse from her father, 1950's rock-n-roll icon "Mr. Blue Galaxie" himself, Buddy Dale. What's more, the novelty of hooking-up night after night in the Tip-Top parking lot with men who dig her classic ride but who wouldn't tip their fedoras to her in the light of day is wearing thin. Enter Steve, a painfully earnest oddball without a cool bone in his body, who's been secretly crushing on Lana from the isolation of his comic-book store across the street from Lana's shop. Steve's least attractive quality isn't the fact that he lives with his mom, nor his inability to drive a car, nor even his hopelessly uncool wardrobe. His worst offense is that he likes her exactly like she is, fat. But Lana doesn't want to be a member of any club that would have her as a member.

Written by the acclaimed Playwright Kim Porter, with songs by Roger P. Clark, Blue Galaxy is Porter's first play at Space 55 since her smash hit "Munched" in 2011.

The cast includes Libby Mueller starring as "Lana" and Jamie Sanderson appearing as "Steve".    Other members of the cast include Dilcia Yanez and Marcella Grassa as "The Della Roca Sisters,"  Doug Waldo as "Buddy Dale," Rodney Dickerman as "Betty," Ashley Naftule as "Louie," Amy Carpenter as "Tina" and  Ron Foligno as "Van".  Nina Miller, Steven Sorensen and Belle Ransom will also perform in the cast in various roles and Ron Foligno is Musical Director.  Space 55's Artistic Director Duane Daniels will direct.

Tickets for Blue Galaxy performances are $18 on Fridays, $20 on Saturdays and $15 on Sundays. Tickets may be purchased at or at the door.

Space 55
636 E. Pierce St, Phoenix AZ  85004

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm
Sundays at 5:00 pm

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