Monday, December 19, 2016

cast announcement - DR. DOLITTLE, JR - Fountain Hills Theater

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs February 10th to February 26th

Doctor John Dolittle- Zolton Bonnenfant
Madeline Mugg- Chloe Rozalsky
Tommy Stubbins- Pending Confirmation
General Bellowes- Niko Cocuzza
Emma Fairfax- Kaitlyn Hohl
Albert Blossom- Niko Cocuzza
Gertie Blossom- Erin Schumacher
Berta, Vladimir, Mavis, Sasha,
Velma, Hilda, and Pinta- (Circus)Emma Baldwin, Makenzie Marino, Peyton Marino, Tabitha Schoenwolf,
Straight Arrow- Carly Cairns
Bailiff- Tabitha Schoenwolf
Polynesia- Lachlan Henderson
Jip- Audrey Alcorn
Herbert- Pending Confirmation
Dab-Dab- Isabella Valdevisio
Toggle- tba
Sheila- Allison Avery
Pushmi-Pullyu Sage Henderson, Allison Avery
Rufus- Maggie Schultz
Chee-Chee- Makayla Lopez
Sophie the seal - Giselle Schmidt
Villagers of Puddleby/ Sea Star Island Warriors (If available)
Emma Baldwin, Allison Avery, Makenzie Marino, Peyton Marino, Sage Henderson, Maggie Schultz, Erin Schumacher, Isabella Valdevesio, Giselle Schmidt

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