Thursday, June 13, 2019

“MASTER HAROLD”…AND THE BOYS - Arizona Theatre Company - February 13-March 1, 2020

By Athol Fugard.
Directed by Kent Gash

A semi-autobiographical masterwork. Of all Athol Fugard’s plays, none is more personal or shatteringly honest than “Master Harold”…And The Boys; because it relates a boyhood incident which involved himself and which haunted him for years until he tried to atone by writing this play. It may take place in South Africa during the early years of apartheid, but its depiction of the ways in which people are capable of hurting even those they love transcends the political landscape of bigotry and oppression that inspired it. The play recounts the long, rainy afternoon that Hally (“Master Harold”) spends with Sam and Willie, two middle-aged African servants of his parents’ household who have cared for seventeen-year-old Hally his whole life. This particular afternoon turns into a profound and life-changing experience for all involved. A stunning masterpiece, one of the most powerful coming-of-age plays ever written, and still timely, still compelling, still profoundly moving.

“…a blistering fusion of the personal and the political.” – New York Times

TH 2.13.20 7:30PM
F 2.14.20 7:30PM
SAT 2.15.20 7:30PM
SUN 2.16.20 2:00PM
SUN 2.16.20 7:00PM
WED 2.19.20 7:30PM
TH 2.20.20 7:30PM
FRI 2.21.20 7:30PM
SAT 2.22.20 2:00PM
SAT 2.22.20 7:30PM
SUN 2.23.20 2:00PM
SUN 2.23.20 7:00PM
W 2.26.20 7:30PM
TH 2.27.20 2:00PM
TH 2.27.20 7:30PM
FRI 2.28.20 7:30PM
SAT 2.29.20 2:00PM
SAT 2.29.20 7:30PM
SUN 3.1.20 2:00PM

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