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audition notice - BRIGADOON - Hale Centre Theatre - October 26

Hale Centre Theatre will hold auditions for Brigadoon , playing April 2, 2020 – May 9, 2020. The show is produced by David and Corrin Dietlein, directed by Cambrian James, music directed by Cathy Hauan, choreographed by Cambrian James, and casting directors David and Corrin Dietlein.
Performances are Wednesday through Saturday nights, with Saturday 12pm and 4pm matinees and
some Friday matinees at 4pm. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Actor Pay
Tommy Albright & Fiona MacLaren - Leads: $75 per performance totaling about $2,400 *

All other roles: $50 per performance totaling about $1,600 *

Actors in lead roles will receive an estimated payment of $300-$450 a week or $2,400 total, all other
adult actors will receive an estimated payment of $200-$300 a week or $1,600 total for the run of the
show. Actors will receive free meals between matinee and evening performances and six
complimentary tickets.


Brigadoon revolves around a mythical Scottish town that appears once every hundred years and an
American tourist named Tommy, who happens upon it by chance and becomes mesmerized by its
charms and a sweet “lassie” named Fiona. The score includes classics such as “Almost Like Being in
Love,” “The Heather on the Hill,” and “Come to Me, Bend to Me.” You definitely don’t want to miss
the summer magic of Brigadoon . And, as townspeople of this mythical village might say, “Come ye
from the hills! Come ye from the mills!” and join us for a most unforgettable evening!

Audition Information
● Saturday, October 26th at 10:00 AM
● 50 West Page Avenue, Gilbert, AZ 85233

What to Prepare
● Be prepared to sing 16 bars of music.
● Bring your own sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.
● The casting directors use Casting Manager during the casting process. Please post your head
shot and resume to your Casting Manager profile.
● Please review the Conflict Calendar found under the "Registration Form" tab and mark your
conflicts on Casting Manager accordingly. Hale Theatre does not use understudies. Actors with
show conflicts will not be considered.

Call Backs
Call backs for Brigadoon will be held Saturday, November 2nd at 9:00 AM (at the Hale Theatre) with
the first read through scheduled for Monday, February 17th at 7:00 PM .

Audition Location
Auditions will be held at the Hale Theatre located at 50 West Page Avenue, Gilbert, AZ 85233.

How to make an appointment

You can sign up an appointments by going to
http://castingmanager.com/audition/info/B4HhQ2OitimEDDc. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Other Notes
Runtime: Approximately 3 hours. Any questions may be emailed to Jessica Ottley at
auditions@haletheatrearizona.com .


TOMMY ALBRIGHT : (LEAD; 25-35; Male; Baritone/Tenor) An attractive American man with a
certain machismo, yet with a sensitive side. Must move well.

FIONA MACLAREN : (LEAD; 20-25; Female; Soprano) A lovely and frank young woman. Very
intelligent. Must move well.

JEFF DOUGLAS : (30-40; Male; Must sing) Good natured and soon to be retired. Kind of a dry sense of humor; mild comic relief. American.

CHARLIE DALRYMPLE : (20-30; Male; Tenor) Young man of Brigadoon. Jean's fiance. Must dance.

JEAN MACLAREN : (18-24; Female; Must sing) Andrew's shy daughter, Fiona’s younger sister and
Charlie's betrothed. Must dance.

MEG BROCKIE : (30-40; Female; Alto/Mezzo Soprano) Sells dairy with Angus at MacConnachy
Square. Feisty girl-about-town; interested in Jeff.

MR. LUNDIE : (55-65; Male) The kind school master of Brigadoon with a strong accent that is always understood. He explains everything, presides over the wedding, etc.

ANDREW MACLAREN : (50-60; Male) Fiona and Jean's sincere yet grandiose father. In his 50's with a rough, loud voice and pompous side.

ARCHIE BEATON : (30-40; Male) A kind Scot who sells fabrics. Ideally, must be able to carry Harry's dead body.

HARRY BEATON : (20-24; Male; Must dance) The sensitive son of Archie. Dies in Act II.

JANE ASHTON : (25-30; Female; Must sing and dance) Tommy's attractive fiance in New York.
Glamourous and slightly severe. Doubles in the Ensemble.

MAGGIE ANDERSON : (20-30; Female; Must sing and dance) Dancing role, smitten with Harry
Beaton. Doubles in the ensemble.

ENSEMBLE : (20-35; Male & Female; Must sing and dance) Various male and female Townspeople of Brigadoon (Angus MacGuffin, Kate, Stuart Dolyrymple, Sandy Dean, MacGregor, Frank). Market
sellers, sword dancers, bagpipers, townsfolk. All must sing and dance.

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