Saturday, July 15, 2017

review - A BENCH IN THE SUN - Don Bluth Front Row Theatre

Lee Cooley. Jim Coates, and Donna Kaufman
photo courtesy Don Bluth Front Row Theatre
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"An entirely delightful gem of a production of Ron Clark's A BENCH IN THE SUN directed by Cheryl Schaar has opened at Don Bluth Front Row Theatre, and the chemistry between its two leads is a sight to behold. Lee Cooley (revealing an impeccable sense of comic timing and caricature) and Jim Coates (an ideal foil to his benchmate's bon mots and taunts) are polar opposites, Harold and Burt, residents of Valley View Gardens, joined at their arthritic hips by the bonds of time ~ past, present, and the inevitable future. They went to school together and worked together, and not until some forty years later, at Harold's invitation, share life in a retirement home....each is the other's solitary audience, volleying and deflecting their smart-ass gibes as they await the public address announcements for mealtime. It's groundhog day until the appearance of Adrienne Bliss (Donna Kaufman), a still starry-eyed veteran of filmdom, whose flirtatious ways catch the eyes and hearts of the boys on the bench ~ and she plays them. ...Clark's script is rich with one liners, musings about the seasons and sacrifices of one's life ...tender moments...and reflections on changes in the world that make the old folks seem irrelevant. ..." - Herbert Paine, Broadway World (click here to read the complete review)

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