Friday, June 3, 2016

Adopt an actor for Stray Cat Theatre's production of AMERICAN IDIOT

from our friends at Stray Cat Theatre:

Adopt today!

Every actor deserves a chance at a great life. Even when they're IDIOTs.
For a certain litter of IDIOTs, that's going to include a temporary loving home at Stray Cat!

In order to keep our actors fit, healthy, hydrated, and well-groomed -- won't you consider adopting one of our IDIOTs today?

Why adopt?

Because it helps us here at Stray Cat keep actors happy.

Stray Cat consistently attracts some of the best Valley talent who year after year are eager to bring you Stray Cat's special brand of entertainment for what usually amounts to roughly 50 cents an hour.

Actors are never happier than when they are on stage - adoption simply helps us to keep fresh water in the theatre and help them defer gas spent coming and going, the long hours and the hard work they put in.

100% of your donation will go to the actors adopted.

You will never have to take your actor home to live with you, though if you let them drunkenly crash on your couch, we're sure they won't be mad. And if you ask nicely, these actors SING so they may serenade you.

Adoption fees are $250 an actor - but you can donate ANY amount. All donations between now and June 30th will go to support the cast of AMERICAN IDIOT. Should we exceed our goal, donations will roll over to support casts in our 2016-2017 Season.

Our fees include:

- Tax Deduction!!! (Better than catnip!)
- Special mention in our program and on our website.

...and if you cover the FULL adoption fee for an actor, you will ALSO receive:
- A poster of the show signed by your actor(s).
- Opportunity to meet (if you have not already) your adoptee(s).

AMERICAN IDIOT has 15 actors available:
Nicholas John Gearing
Breona Conrad
Eric Boudreau
David Samson
Alan Khoutakoun
Victoria Fairclough
Megan Moylan
Corey Gimlin
Katie Frederick
Ryan Malikowski
Cody Duke
Jericho Thomas
Cassie Chilton
Laura Anne Kenney
Sky Donovan

You can donate by CLICKIN HERE 24/7

OR - if you would like to personally make a FULL adoption of a Stray Cat actor, please contact Brooke Unverferth @ 480.227.1766 or
to hear about the actors available and get your paperwork rolling.

Thanks for your help in keeping a warm roof over our actors' heads.

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