Monday, January 11, 2021

ASU Grads Kait Russell and Kade Bailey have launched the "WE'RE STILL HERE" podcast as a way to connect local, regional and Broadway theatre artists while also providing hope for the future

by Gil Benbrook

ASU School of Music and Theatre graduates Kait Russell and Kade Bailey are close friends who have appeared in numerous shows, both together and alone, at ASU and at theates in the Valley. But when they were in New York City last March they found themselves at a crossroads. As Broadway was literally closing down around them when the COVID pandemic broke out they realized that meant their Senior Showcase in NYC was cut short as well. 

They found themselves in Times Square practically alone at 3am early the morning after Broadway shut down and didn't know what this would mean for their future as well as the futures of all of the other Broadway actors, dancers, musicians and backstage staff.  However, instead of feeling despondent, they  took that experience to create a podcast entitled "We’re Still Here" that they also co-host. 

"We're Still Here" is meant to connect artists from local & regional theatre communities along with Broadway, TV/Film and everything in between during this time where artists have been sort of left behind as most other businesses have found a way to safely reopen.

When asked about their podcast, they added, "We want this to be a source of hope and inspiration for artists of all kinds, since in a way COVID has been a great equalizer. We’ve all been left to fend for ourselves - we want to connect with artists and remind them that they’re not alone and that we’re still here, together, staying strong while we make it work until we get back on the stage."

Kait and Kade have already recorded interviews with several Broadway performers, including Tony winner Karen Olivo (Moulin Rouge, In The Heights, West Side Story) Zachary James (The Addams Family, South Pacific) Brittney Mack (SIX), and Becca Ayers (My Fair Lady, Les Misérables).

Their first podcast premiered on New Year's Day and their second one featuring Karen Olivio premiered last Friday with new episodes planned to be released every Friday at 8PM EST.

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