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audition notice - A CHORUS LINE - Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre - February 29

ages 13-19

Directed by Lisa Barton-Figureoa

February 21 • 6pm-9pm
$50 per student
To Register click here --> http://bit.ly/2RqUozt

Saturday, February 29 • 10am – 2pm
Actors should prepare 16-32 bars of music to sing in the style of the show; accompanist provided. Please also bring a headshot, resume and completed registration form.

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Register for you audition HERE:

ZACH - Male, Any voice type, Any ethnicity, to play 30-40 yrs old: Zach is an ex-dancer who is now the director & choreographer of the show. He speaks instructions from the darkness of the audience for most of the show, is straightforward, blunt, and rude at times. He wants the dancers to be truthful and authentic in front of him, and when they’re not, it frustrates him, due to his perfectionism. Years ago he was in a relationship with Cassie, so when she arrives he is thrown off-guard. He must be an incredibly strong actor, with a commanding voice to compliment his authority.

LARRY - Male, Any voice type, Any ethnicity, to play 25-35:
Zach’s assistant, is also an ex-dancer. He must be able to demonstrate the dance steps to the auditionees, so he should be an excellent mover. He is aware of the baggage Cassie brings, and rushes to help Paul when he gets injured.

The "Auditioners":

CASSIE (No number) - Female, Soprano Belter, Any ethnicity, to play 32 yrs old: An amazing dancer with fierce star quality who has faced a large amount of rejection, as she has attempted to make her way out of chorus/ensemble roles. Used to be in a relationship with Zach, she shows up to the audition in an act of desperation, since she can no longer find work. She cannot bear to not be a performer. Actress must be able to show great emotion; sings solo in “The Music and the Mirror”.

SHIELA (#152) - Female, Alto, Any ethnicity, to play 29 yrs old:
Gorgeous, sarcastic, somewhat older ex-ballet dancer who has been around the block & worked with Zach before. She is not afraid to be sassy with Zach, because her insecurity makes her need to feel in control. Actress should have great comedic timing for Sheila’s sarcastic zingers. She opens up and becomes vulnerable when she sings about her childhood in “At the Ballet”.

VAL (#179) - Female, Mezzo/Alto Belter, Any ethnicity, to play 25-30: Sexy, sassy, funny, foul-mouthed dancer with a big voice and big personality. Val is comedically aware of her own sex appeal, because she paid for it. Actress should be comfortable in her own body and confident in drawing attention to it, as well as comfortable with cursing onstage. Ideally, she should have a proportioned & well put together body, as referenced in her solo “Dance 10, Looks 3”.

DIANA (#2) - Female, Alto Belter, Puerto Rican Hispanic/Latina, to play 27 yrs old: A dynamic, humorous Puerto Rican dancer who speaks truthfully from the heart. Was always a dancer, but went to school for acting. Diana is unafraid to speak candidly to Zach, and is a close friend to Paul. Sings solo in “Montage - Part 2 (Nothing)” & “What I Did for Love”.

JUDY (23) - Female, Mezzo Soprano, Any ethnicity, to play 28 yrs old: Tall, nervous, gawky, awkward, scatterbrained dancer, is traditionally cast as a redhead. The only time where she doesn’t second-guess herself is when she’s dancing; she is also warm and hopeful with a cheery sensibility, and laughs at her own jokes. She has a solo part in “Montage - Mother”.

KRISTINE (#10) - Female, Any voice type, Any ethnicity, to play 22 yrs old: A bit nervous & tongue-tied, but happy to be at the audition. Kristine is attached at the hip to her husband, Al. She is young & perky, but cannot sing. Actress should still be able to sing well for ensemble harmonies, but should be able to fake-sing badly. Her solo is in the patter-song “Sing!”.

MAGGIE (#9) - Female, Soprano Belter, Any ethnicity, to play 25 yrs old: A sweet dreamer & ex-ballet dancer, Maggie is a bit soft-spoken. She had an unhappy childhood upbringing where her father was absent. As a child she would imagine dancing with her father in her daydreams. Sings solo in “At the Ballet,” where she belts and sustains an E5.

BEBE (#37) - Female, Mezzo Soprano, Caucasian, to play 26 yrs old: Down to earth, young Jewish modern dancer. Relatively new to Broadway, with a ballet background. Has low self esteem because her mother told her she wasn’t attractive. Feels the most beautiful when dancing. Sings solo in “At the Ballet”.

CONNIE (#149) - Female, Mezzo Soprano, East Asian or Caucasian, to play 32 yrs old: Bright & outgoing, Connie should be the shortest dancer onstage (ideally under 5’ tall). Her career has been kept alive by her being able to play children/teens well into her 20s & 30s. She wanted to be a prima ballerina but was too short. Sings solo in “Montage Part 1 - Hello 12”.

RICHIE (#44) - Male, Tenor, Black/African-American, to play 27 yrs old: A high energy, good-natured dancer. Gave up a career as a kindergarten teacher to pursue dance. Remarks about being one of the few (if not only) black dancers in the room. Has solo singing in “Montage Part 4 - Gimme the Ball”.

MIKE (#81) - Male, Tenor, Any ethnicity, to play 24 yrs old:
Very straight, confident, New Jersey-Italian tap dancer with a lot of energy, charisma and charm. Got into dance classes as a kid because his sister was in classes and used to get teased for being a boy dancer. Tap dancing & tricks are a plus. Sings solo in “I Can Do That”.

DON (#5) - Male, Baritone, Caucasian, to play 26 yrs old:
Classic, athletic, all-American looking straight man from Kansas City, Kansas; he’s been in showbiz for years. He started as a performer dancing in nightclubs & strip joints. Now, Don is married with two kids and dances so that he can pay the bills. Has a solo part in “Montage Part 3 - Mother”.

PAUL (#45) - Male, Tenor, Puerto Rican Hispanic/Latino, to play 28 yrs old: An introverted, soft-spoken Puerto Rican dancer who is friends with Diana. Actor must be able to be vulnerable and emotional, as he has a large monologue about his parents finding out that he’s gay. He sadly gets injured late in the audition process. Has a solo singing part in “Opening - I Hope I Get It”.

MARK (#63) - Male, Tenor, Any ethnicity, to play 20 yrs old:
An enthusiastic newcomer to Broadway, Mark is excited simply to be considered for the chorus. He is naive, charming, a bit of a class clown, and obsessed with sex as a child. The actor should be ok with sexual dialogue and a great storyteller. His solo part is in “Montage Part 1 - Hello 12”.

GREG (#67) - Male, Baritone, Caucasian, to play 32 yrs old:
Overly confident (bordering on arrogant), campy, Jewish gay man. Greg is confident in his sexuality and has a very polished way of speaking, which reflects his upper class upbringing. Actor should be ok with speaking onstage about erections & sexuality. His solo part is in “Montage Part 1 - Hello 12”.

BOBBY (#84) - Male, Baritone, Any ethnicity, to play 25 yrs old:
Bobby is flamboyant, clever, & funny. Was picked on in school for being gay, but also describes himself as strange. Is best friends with Sheila. Wanted to be a movie star as a kid, and tells his story through humorous vignettes in the Montage.

AL (#17) - Male, Baritone, Any ethnicity, to play 30 yrs old:
Masculine, humorous, & protective of his wife, Kristine (he often finishes her sentences). Al is from the Bronx and is experienced in show business. Has worked with Zach before. Good comedic timing and a Bronx accent are a plus. Sings solo parts in “Sing!”.

The cut dancers:
All cut dancers will be in the opening number “I Hope I Get It” & the closing number “One”. They may or may not be added to group fantasy sequences such as “Montage”. Should still be talented dancer/singers.

VICKI (#60) - Is cut because she has no ballet training and can’t remember the dance without Larry demonstrating in front of the group.
TRICIA (#131) - Singing solo in “I Hope I Get It”, belts to C#5. Is cut because she dances too big and can’t stay in the formation.
LOIS (#63) - A ballerina, she can get through the ballet combo but cannot keep up with the jazz combo.
FRANK (#59) - “boy in the headband,” is cut because he keeps looking at his feet while dancing.
BUTCH (#14) - Is cut because he cannot correct a mistake in the first combination.
ROY (#36) - Is cut because he continually brings his arms down on the wrong beat. (“wrong arm” boy)
TOM (#40) - is cut because he counts with his mouth while dancing.

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