Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Now & Then Creative Company's 2019 / 2020 Season!

Now & Then Creative Company is proud to announce their 3rd season, featuring new plays and musicals from Arizona writers.

The season includes 7 new play workshops and 2 world premieres. Now & Then is proud to perform in residence at Metropolitan Arts Institute: 1700 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

More information will be made available at nowandthencc.com.

Pluck the Day
by Kirt Shineman
August 30 at 7:30PM & August 31 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

When the Court of Master Sommeliers revokes the master sommelier designation from four friends because of a cheating scandal their lives are upended. Clarity and Parker, wife and husband, lose their new apartment; Ke is put on leave, and Cy is demoted to a waiter. Parker’s mother, Sandrine, helps them ready for the re-exam. But when Clarity discovers strange wine labels, odd receipts, and cheat-sheets, she suspects the cheater resides close to her.

All the Wrong Places 
by Maybe Stewart
September 13 at 7:30PM & September 14 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

All the Wrong Places is about a very romantic asexual and a very sexual aromantic that unwittingly end up as roommates. This new play follows the relationships of two young couples struggling to come to terms with their differences while learning to accept themselves for who they really are.

Feminist Horror Stories
 by Alice Stanley
October 25 at 7:30PM & October 26 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

Feminist Horror Stories is a collection of haunting tales based on traditional urban legends and scary stories overlaid with feminist twists. A Ouija board possessed by a frat-douche, vampires who crave cultural appropriation, and much more. Careful: the call is always coming from inside the uterus.

Lottery House 
by Angelica Howland
November 15 at 7:30PM & November 16 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

A group of strangers compete for a three-million-dollar prize. Three nights in a haunted farmhouse. Last one standing wins the cash. Easy. Right?

The Fire in Minerva 
by Larissa Brewington
January 10 at 7:30PM & January 11 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

Minerva St. John repurchases her childhood home with the idea of returning to peaceful reconciliation of self, only to discover that her internal past and present demons have other plans.

World Premiere:
Hit Music 
by Guillermo Reyes
January 31st — February 9th

The eccentric father in a Latino-Italian American family in 1990s Los Angeles announces his imminent death which brings together his children and a beloved niece to stage a commemorative concert—but everything gets derailed by twists of fate, a romance, a heart break and lots of funky singing in English, Italian and Spanish.

The Mall
by Jesse Saywell
February 21 at 7:30PM & February 22 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

The Mall is the story of five former high school friends who are reunited at their abandoned hometown shopping mall at the summoning of mysterious anonymous letters. Nearly a decade after graduation, their failed and failing relationships are brought to the forefront, but the answers they seek are not always as satisfying as they might have hoped. Despite the mysterious circumstances of their reunion, these five friends once again find the comforting shelter of the walls that used to create and sustain their teenage freedom while recognizing that only memories can last forever. The Mall challenges its audience to accept that change is inevitable, and that trying to live in the past only leads to getting left behind.

by Christopher Patrick Allen
March 6 at 7:30PM & March 7 at 11AM
A selection of Now & Then’s #newworkshop

Stalled in a long-distance relationship, astronomy grad student Sam becomes glued to a phone that refuses to ring. As they struggle to close the distance, a web of connections unfolds around them, examining all the different relationships we find ourselves in and how easily they fall apart. Using an intertwining narrative and six original songs, this original musical examines the moment just before someone slips away. Is it better to hold on or let them go?

World Premiere:
The Higher Love
by Germaine Shames
May 8th — May 17th

Entire generations have read the global bestseller, The Prophet, but how much do they know about its author, Kahlil Gibran? Gibran, Lebanese by birth, may be the most tragically successful American immigrant of all time. Less known still is his patron, Mary Haskell, the indomitable Southern reformer responsible for his fame.

In The Higher Love, two impressionable actors, Salim and Lucy, land the roles of a lifetime: poet Khalil Gibran and his patron, Mary Haskell. As rehearsals progress, the actors grapple with their unpredictable characters, the meaning of love, and the stage kiss to end all. Offstage, a tragedy strikes the play’s director, casting into doubt Gibran’s and Haskell’s lofty, if unrealized, ideals. From infatuation to heartache to conviction, each character is tested in his/her quest to seize the higher love. These parallel love stories, separated by a century, underscore the timelessness of humankind's search for transcendence through connection, and suggest that, despite Gibran’s and others’ countless musings and odes on the subject, love remains the ulti- mate mystery.

Winner of three workshop competitions, The Higher Love has been called “an impressive literary sleight of hand and heart” by novelist Isabella Ides. “The double dramatization/intersection of the actors and their characters was a sublime and deep metaphor mirroring the way lovers mythologize themselves.” Tania Sammons, former curator of the Gibran Collection, writes, “Germaine Shames captures the essence of Mary and Kahlil and brings depth to their story in her wonderful new play.”

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