Thursday, June 20, 2019

SONGS FROM THE HOUSE OF MOUSE, VOL. 3 - Constellation Cabaret at The Sic Sense Theatre - June 21-29

Be Our Guest! Constellation Cabaret brings back an audience favorite with Songs from the House of Mouse Vol. 3 – this year, expanded to four performances.

Hosted by Faris DuVal and featuring music from some of your favorite movies including Tangled, Toy Story 2, Frozen, and many more.

The Cast: Keilani Akagi, Erin Benites, Cassie Chilton, Heather Fallon, Nicholas Hambruch, Dave Ray, Erin Ryan, Cody Wagner

The Band: Craig Broadbent, Jaimie Clements, Eric Fish, and Patti Swartz

Constellation Cabaret brings together musicians from across the valley.  See many of our performers on local stages in musicals, plays, bands, and much more.

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