Saturday, July 28, 2018

Space 55's 2018 / 2019 Season!

Space 55 Proudly Announces 18/19 Season

LUCKY #13 - Thirteen Years of Off-Kilter Theatre

Playing Games 
by Brian Maticic
**Co-production with Brelby Theatre Company**
Directed by Shelby Maticic
August 4 - 19

A play about life, love, and all of the sarcasm in between.

Mel and Bryson keep their marriage alive in a unique way. Matt is pulled into their twisted games, and finds himself falling in love with Mel’s sister, Liz. Unfortunately for him, the family has a past that won’t stay hidden for long.

The First Annual Bookburners Convention 
by Ashley Naftule
Directed by Dennis Frederick
September 7 - 30

A dead end job at a used bookstore turns deadly when a sketchy customer leaves a magical book behind. Forced to reckon with dark forces beyond his understanding while also dealing with a host of personal problems, one young slacker tries to stay sane while time and space fall to pieces around him. A world premiere play from the writer of Ear, The First Annual Bookburners Convention is a workplace comedy with a cosmic horror twist.

Country Blue Saloon 
Book by Margo Brookover & Duane Daniels
Music & Lyrics by Randy Daniels
Directed by Duane Daniels
November 2 - 18

A special encore production! This country-blues musical is set in a saloon where the beer is cold, the hearts are lonely and the harmonies are tight.

A Bloody Mary Christmas 
by Denny Guge, Jacque Arend, Shawna Franks & Stacey Reed
November 23 - December 23

The most irreverent and bawdy Christmas show ever produced returns to Space 55 for its 9th year! Retirees Blanche, Bertha and Mabel sing, dance and drink themselves silly as they fight to keep from losing their Sun City condo to a heartless homeowner’s association on Christmas Eve. Featuring all the charm of A Christmas Carol with A LOT more cussing.

Bad Hombres: Comedic Monologues from Beyond 
by Guillermo Reyes
Directed by Dwayne Hartford
January 11 - February 3

Bad Hombres is a world premiere series of comic monologues in which Latino immigrants (and some native) deal with the trans-cultural shocks of contemporary America, Arizona, the Southwest, and bring to them the complexity of sexual identity (even trans-sexual) shocks as well.

Night of the Chicken, Episode 2 
by Carrie Behrens
Directed by Kim Porter
February 22 - March 17

Playwright Carrie Behrens returns with Episode 2—with new surprises, unexpected twists, and plenty of laughs for the whole family! As Andi struggles to keep her new “condition” from taking over her life, her arrogant cross-country rival becomes suspicious of her secret. To make matters worse, a messy rumor has infected the school, forcing Andi to team up with Mr.K to perform damage control.

‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore 
by John Ford
Directed by Keath Hall
April 5 - 28

John Fords’ legendary and taboo play gets a modern facelift at Space 55. Follow the tale of two young lovers, Annabella and Giovanni as they, well…it’s kind of like Romeo & Juliet…but the ending is much, much worse!

be my little baby 
by John Perovich
Directed by Ilana Lydia
May 18 - June 10

Johnny has endured years of homeschooling from his overprotective Mother while his sister Heather gets to go to school. Johnny finds relief with LaRue, an imaginary friend. When Heather's boyfriend Bobby threatens to harm her and her best friend, Johnny turns to LaRue for advice that is literally out of this world. be my little baby is a world premiere dark comedy about acceptance, cowboys, and astral projection.

Performances: Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm

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