Friday, July 20, 2018

audition notices - youth auditions in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET and select adult roles in SWEENEY TODD, TITANIC and MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET - Arizona Broadway Theatre


Arizona Broadway Theatre is holding YOUTH auditions on Thursday, July 26, 2018, beginning at 5:00pm, for the following roles in our upcoming holiday production of Miracle on 34th Street. Rehearsals begin November 5, 2018; show runs November 23 through December 29, 2018.

SUSAN – Female, ages 8-10. Height: 45 inches to 50 inches; Must be able to sing; Precocious and doesn’t believe in Santa; must be beyond her years.

HENDRIKA – Female, ages 9-11. Height: 50 inches to 53 inches; Must be able to speak or learn to speak in Dutch accent; Must be able to sing

GIRL – Female, ages 8-10. Height: 45 inches to 50 inches; Must be able to sing

TOMMY – Male, ages 10-12. Height: 58 inches to 60 inches; Must be able to sing

HARRY FINFER – Male, ages 9-11. Height: 56 inches to 59 inches

CLICK HERE for more information and to register for an audition slot


Arizona Broadway Theatre is accepting SUBMISSIONS for the following roles and shows during its 14th Season. (All are non-Equity offers unless specifically indicated.)

Rehearsals begin August 13, 2018; Runs September 4 – September 16, 2018, at Herberger Theater Center. Specifically seeking:
JUDGE TURPIN – Male. 50-65. Lecherous public official who portrays himself as a sanctimonious authoritarian. He takes advantage of his position in the city and is responsible for imprisoning Todd. (Vocal range: E2-Gb4).

Rehearsals begin September 24, 2018; Runs October 12 – November 10, 2018. Specifically seeking:
CAPTAIN SMITH – Male. 45-60. Captain of the Titanic, a white-haired man with strong morals, near to retirement. Has a wealth of experience; character baritone, commanding voice, English RP accent. (Vocal Range: Bb2-F4)

ISIDOR STRAUSS – 50-65. 1st class passenger, the highest of social elite, warm legit character baritone, General American (New York, Jewish Origin) accent. Devoted to his wife. (Vocal Range: F2-F4)

Rehearsals begin November 5, 2018; Runs November 23 – December 29, 2018. Specifically seeking:
KRIS KRINGLE – Male. 50-65. Kind old man who may or may not actually be Santa Claus. He embodies all of the classic characteristics of the jolly, friendly, warm-hearted icon. (Vocal Range: B2 – E4).

For more information on how to submit for these roles, CLICK HERE

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