Monday, July 31, 2017

cast announcement - ALL SHOOK UP! - Actor's Youth Theatre

Chad - Logan Eberhard
Natalie - Olivia Woodward-Shaw
Dennis - Aaron McCaskill
Lorraine - Gisele Galbasini
Dean - Austin Watts
Earl - Grant Miner
Silvia - Ava Aagaard
Sandra - Sierra Hanson
Matilda - Mia McFarland

All cast Featured after this point will also be included in the Ensemble.

Warden - Tyler Bersano
Busdriver - Carter Giannetti
Bus People - Houston Goodman, Matthew McCaskill, Tyler Bersano
Alex - Quincy Cowans
Prisoner #47 - Hayden Hurley
Prisoner #3 - Alyssa Avery
Devilettes - Matthew McCaskill, Houston Goodman, Bryce Vehrs, Quincy Cowans
Angelettes - Danika Kussy, Ava Saba, Laura Flood, Alexandra Marin, Amy Dubin
Townsperson 1 - Isabella Lisinski
Townsperson 2 - Laurali Edmunds
Statues - Danika Kussy, Amy Dubin, Ava Saba

Isabella Barone
Catherine Curtis
Kaylee Fowler
Jodi Heistuman
Liliana Isaacson
Ellie Nordquist
Piper Provot
Lucy Scanlan
Brooklyn Tallman

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which plays September 21 - 30

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