Thursday, June 29, 2017

review - 1070 (WE WERE STRANGERS ONCE, TOO) - New Carpa Theatre Company

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"...1070: WE WERE ONCE STRANGERS TOO, director-playwright James Garcia focuses on an immigrant Mexican family caught in the (sometime literal) crosshairs of Arizona Senate Bill 1070....This bill empowered law enforcement officers to stop, detain or arrest individuals suspected of being (or anyone sheltering, hiring or transporting) unregistered aliens....Putting a brave face on the Avila family is undocumented daughter Dulce (a very promising Anna Flores). We see what she sees, feel what she feels, as she becomes an activist for civil rights...Dulce's mother (Sonia Rodriguez), father (Juan Gomez), sister (Valerie German) and brother (Angel Lopez) are well cast and each plays a key role in the family dynamic. Co-director Alejandro Sanchez Vega does an outstanding job as the rogue deputy. His scenes with younger sister Viri and then her family are raw and disturbing...."
- Broadway World (click here to read the complete review)

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