Sunday, June 4, 2017

audition notice - YOU'VE GOT HATE MAIL - Ghostlight Theatre - June 17

You've Got Hate Mail Auditions on Sat June 17th at 10am

Come to open auditions prepared to do cold reads.  Monologues are optional

Richard is excited to get his technology challenged wife set up with a new computer, until he accidentally sends her an email intended for his mistress...

"The perfect bedroom farce....!" - New York Post
"LOL! The audience is guaranteed to do just that - LAUGH OUT LOUD!" - The Star-Ledger

Ghostlight Theatre
13541 W Camino Del Sol, Sun City West
Director - Linda Mendenhall

Richard - Smarmy, temperamental and disingenuous.  Richard is married to Stephanie but having a wild affair with Wanda
Stephanie - Pampered and doting wife of Richard
Peg - Disenchanted and cynical.  The loyal best friend of Stephanie
George - Richard's nerdy best friend.  Lives vicariously through Richards adventures
Wanda - Manipulative and aggressive.  Having a wild affair with Richard

Rehearsals start - Monday June 26th
Show Dates - Friday August 4th 2017 - August 13th 2017

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