Wednesday, April 19, 2017

cast announcement - THE WIZARD OF OZ - Valley Youth Theatre

Click here for more information on this production, which runs June 9 - June 25

*tentative cast list/subject to change

Dorothy: Kendra Richards
Scarecrow: Jared Barbee
Lion: Steven Enriquez
Tin Man: Asher Sheppard
Glinda: Tiana Marks
Wicked Witch: Alexis Harris
Wizard: Ethan Maxwell
Auntie Em: Tatum Grell

Munchkin, Barrister: Kylan Chait
Munchkin, Coroner: Ian Grey
Munchkin, Mayor: Caleb Smalley
Munchkin, Lolly Pop: Quinn Heim
Munchkin, Lolly Pop: Cody Rooney
Munchkin, Lolly Pop: Elliot Thompson
Munchkin: Kendall Hook
Munchkin: Michael Hook
Munchkin: Morgan James
Munchkin: Jaden Shah

Munchkin, Lullaby: Bali Bare
Munchkin, Lullaby: Vivian Nichols
Munchkin, Lullaby: Molly Prefling
Munchkin: Elie Anthony
Munchkin: Kate Brink
Munchkin: Gwendolyn Craw
Munchkin: Gabrielle Etheridge
Munchkin: Olivia Fearey
Munchkin: Aleah Garcia
Munchkin: Brooke Gillaspy
Munchkin: Jordan Gnepper
Munchkin: Savannah LeNuyen
Munchkin: Madelyn Moyer
Munchkin: Corinne Seaver
Munchkin: Ashlyn Weir

Flying Monkey: Reese Cantu
Nikko the Flying Monkey: Benjamin Gitell
Flying Monkey: Justin Vaught

Ozian, Tree, Farm hand, jitterbug, poppy: Isabella Conner
Ozian, Jitterbug, poppy: Haley Hanni
Ozian, Tree, Farm hand, jitterbug, poppy: Stephanie Larson
Ozian, Tree, Farm hand, jitterbug, poppy: Carly McClain
Ozian, Jitterbug, poppy: Jayda Mendiola
Ozian, Poppy, Ghost: Maddy Rathbun
Ozian, Jitterbug, poppy: Hallie Reggio
Ozian, Poppy, Ghost: Zoe Rollon
Ozian, Jitterbug, poppy: Mia Romero
Ozian, Poppy, Ghost: Margaret Sharp
Ozian, Jitterbug, poppy: Oriana Valcamp
Ozian, Poppy, Ghost: Faith Wheelington

Gatekeeper, Winkie: Sam Brown
Ozian, Winkie: Jake Bonar
Ozian, Winkie: Riley Clark
Ozian, Winkie: Ryan Clark
Ozian, Winkie, Farmhand, Crow: Ethan Collins
Ozian, Winkie: Albert Johnston
Ozian, Winkie: Max Mendoza
Ozian, Winkie: Charlie Siegel
Ozian, Winkie: Alexander Silver
Ozian, Winkie, Farmhand, Crow: Riley Thornton
Uncle Henry, Ozian, Winkie: Jack Walton
Ozian, Winkie, Farmhand, Crow: Andy Wissink

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