Monday, April 10, 2017

cast announcement - SCHOOL OF ROCK - Desert Stages Theatre

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs May 19th to June 18th

Cast Last Name First Name Role Cast
Early Aiello Katie Ms. Bingham/Mrs. Turner
Early Alarcon Kaser Mr. Green/ Mr. Spencer
Early Alarcon Amaar Student Ensemble
Early Allen Nolan Ned Schneebly/Gabe Brown
Early Allen Chloe Security Guard #1/Student Ensemble
Early Allen Lily Security Guard #2/Student Ensemble
Early ArangoMacias Jennifer Shonelle (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Early Astrowsky Zachary Freddy Hamilton
Early Astrowsky Sarah Katie (C)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (O)
Early Astrowsky Gabby Summer Hathaway (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Early Baier Katherine Patty/Adult Ensemble (C) /Emo Girl/ Adult Ensemble (O)
Early Becker Lauren Ms. Gordon/ Mrs. Travis
Early Bencomo Jannesa Waitress/Student Ensemble (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Early Beyer Elina (Elli) Student Ensemble
Early Booker Gemma Student Ensemble
Early Buchholz Delaney Snake/ Adult Ensemble
Early Buchholz Chase Stanley/ Mr. Hamilton/ Jeff Sanderson
Early Burman Taya Student Ensemble
Early Buskirk Anna Student Ensemble
Early Bustamante Zoe Student Ensemble
Early Crespo Madison Sophie (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
Early Cunningham Sophia Tomika (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Early Curran Bennett Zack Mooneyham
Early Dahl Lily Waitress/Student Ensemble (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Early DelGhiaccio Emma Marcy (O)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (C)
Early Donsker Owen Lawrence
Early Donsker Elsie Sophie (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Early Feldman Ronin Student Ensemble
Early Feldman Olivia Summer Hathaway (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Early Frakes Kennedy Student Ensemble
Early Ganz Ava Student Ensemble
Early Golub Asher James
Early Greenland Isaac Dewey Finn
Early Grotenhuis Adelina Student Ensemble
Early Gulick Zane Student Ensemble
Early Habul Zana Student Ensemble
Early Hassler Sydney Tomika (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Early Jablonski Sebastian Mason/ Bob
Early Johnson Cate Student Ensemble
Early Jongert Autumn Student Ensemble
Early Jongert Olivia Student Ensemble
Early Kaplan Holden Student Ensemble
Early Kaye Austin Billy Sandford (O)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (C)
Early Kenly Laine Marcy (C)/ Mr. Janes/ Mr. Ward (O)
Early Kennedy Caprice Student Ensemble
Early Lipner Isabella Student Ensemble
Early Mengedoth Kennedy Katie (O)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (C)
Early Nathan Rachel Patty/Adult Ensemble (O) /Emo Girl/Adult Ensemble (C)
Early Nielsen Brooke Student Ensemble
Early Nowicki Emma Rosalie Mullins (C)/ Emo Girl/Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (O)
Early Perlstein Sophie Madison (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Early Presley Paige Madison (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Early Rao Kimaya Student Ensemble
Early Reilly Lauren Mrs. Sheinkopf
Early Rhee Allison Shonelle (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Early Rowan Sophia Student Ensemble
Early Shaham Kali Lev Student Ensemble
Early Sullivan Nathan Mr. Williams
Early Sullivan Katelyn Student Ensemble
Early Villarreal Jamie Rosalie Mullins (O)/Emo Girl/Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (C)
Early Whallon Briella Student Ensemble
Early Whallon Kaitlyn Student Ensemble
Early Youngstedt Lauren Adult Ensemble
Early Zastrow Zach Theo/Adult Ensemble
Early Zeeb Xander Billy Sandford (C)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (O)
Cast Last Name First Name Role Cast
Late Armstrong Kara Ms. Bingham/Ms. Turner
Late Beckman Ashlyn Summer Hathaway (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Late Broughton Madison Snake/ Adult Ensemble
Late Bugbee Annie Security Guard #1/Adult Ensemble
Late Clore Baylee Mrs. Macapugay/Mrs. Hamilton
Late Clore Rylie Student Ensemble
Late Corbin Paige Rosalie Mullins (C)/ Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (O)
Late Danek Petra Madison (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
Late Dickens MarySue Marcy (O)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (C)
Late Dobrinick Abigail Adult Ensemble
Late Farmer-Bonilla Isabela Student Ensemble
Late Fontes Abigail Adult Ensemble
Late Hall Dayna Sophie (C)/Student Ensemble (O)
Late Hall Ashlyn Student Ensemble
Late Hall Jr. Walter Billy Sandford (C)/ Doug/Student Ensemble (O)
Late Hasl Michael Stanley/ Mr. Hamilton/ Jeff Sanderson
Late Hollerbach Jenna Marcy (C)/ Mr. Janes/Mr. Ward (O)
Late Koeppel Jordan James
Late Krugman Noelle Shonelle (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Late Lara Jared Theo/Adult Ensemble (C)/ Mr. Williams/Mr. Noble (O)
Late LaVoie Tiffany Security Guard #2/Student Ensemble
Late Logan Macie Shonelle (O)/Waitress/Adult Ensemble (C)
Late Marcantonio Nicholas Zack Mooneyham
Late McCarley Hannah Ms. Gordon/ Mrs. Travis
Late Merrill Hallie Student Ensemble
Late Momeyer Tabitha Katie (O)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (C)
Late Novack Talia Rosalie Mullins (O)/ Mr. Mooneyham/Mr. Wagner (C)
Late Novack Kylee Tomika (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Late O'Brasky Bo Billy Sandford (O)/Doug/Student Ensemble (C)
Late Orson Eric Lawrence
Late Quintana Brielle Summer Hathaway (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Late Ranger Style' Mason/ Bob
Late Rhoads Ashley Patty/ Adult Ensemble(O)/Adult Ensemble (C)
Late Rose Allie Emo Girl/Student Ensemble
Late Sherrill Kaylin Madison (C)/ Student Ensemble (O)
Late Skaggs Declan Freddy Hamilton
Late Skaggs Hayden Theo/Adult Ensemble (O)/ Mr. Noble/Mr. Williams (C)
Late Steward Matthew Ned Schneebly/Gabe Brown
Late Veale Cassidy Student Ensemble
Late Velarde Tyler Katie (C)/ Mr. Sanders/Mr. Sandford (O)
Late Villarreal Matthew Dewey Finn (C)/ Mr. Green/Mr. Spencer (O)
Late Villarreal Jamie Emo Girl/Student Ensemble
Late Wand Brierly Mrs. Sheinkopf
Late Wilbur Hudson Sophie (O)/Student Ensemble (C)
Late Wilbur Macie Tomika (O)/ Student Ensemble (C)
Late Witt Christina Patty/Adult Ensemble (C)/ Adult Ensemble (O)
Late Witt Mylie Student Ensemble
Late Yampolsky Jack Dewey Finn (O)/ Mr. Green/ Mr. Spencer (C)
Late Zatarga-Fronstin Bridget Student Ensemble

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