Wednesday, April 12, 2017

cast announcement - RAGTIME - Zao Theatre

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs October 27 to November 11

Coal House Walker: Ivan Thompson
Mother: Lizz Reeves-Fidler
Tateh: Bryan Stewart
Sarah: Anne-Lise Koyabe
Evelyn Nesbit: Rebecca Bryce
Younger Brother: Kellen Garner
Emma Goldman: Pricilla Bertling
Houdini: Scott Sims
Father: Jeff Montgomery
Grandfather: Mitch Etter
Willie Conklin, fireman: Jeff Huffman
Henry Ford: Mark Hackmann
JP Morgan: Peter Cuniff
Booker T. Washington: Corey Hardin
Little Boy: TBA
Little Girl: Alena Mascarenas

Sarah’s Friend: Savannah Alfred

Ensemble Groups:

New Rochelle Ensemble: Heidi Green, Emily Walter, Haley Abney, Shayla Montgomery, Robert Andrews, Tyler Galley and Kelly Fulcher

Immigrant Ensemble: Angela Kabasan, Lucia Williams, Megahn Katz, Katelyn Landaal, Sarah Rodgers, Jennifer Herron-Ulmer, Chelsea Umeda, Tara Furcini, Brady Anderson

Harlem Ensemble: Savannah Alfred, Larissa Brewington, Brea Pierson, Winston Pierson, Michael Leeth, Jordan Ricks, Stan Sessoms

Female Dance Ensemble: Heidi Green, Lucia Williams, Katelyn Landaal, Angela Kabasan, Emily Walter, Kelly Fulcher

Firemen: Tyler Galley, Robert Andrews, Brady Anderson, Jeff Huffman

CoalHouse Followers: Jordan Ricks, Michael Leeth, Stan Sessoms

The Following parts will be cast from the ensemble once rehearsals have begun:

Charles S. Whitman
Admiral Perry
Houdini’s Mother
Kathleen, the family maid
Stanford White

Produced and Directed by  Mickey Bryce
Music Director CJ O’Hara
Administration Sharyn Sheffer
Costumes Diana Grubb
Technical         Bill Williamsen, Bill Wiatr
Props Carol Searle

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