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audition notice - KISS AND TELL - Hale Centre Theatre - May 2

Kiss and Tell AUDITIONS

Hale Centre Theatre will hold auditions for Kiss and Tell, playing September 12, 2017 – November 14, 2017. The show is produced by David and Corrin Dietlein, directed by Cambrian James and casting directors David and Corrin Dietlein. Performances are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and Saturday matinee. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Performances are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

NOTE: Rehearsals will take place Friday and Saturday evenings starting June 24th.

Hugh Herbert’s 1940’s riotous romp entangles a family feud, a secret marriage, and a madcap dose of mistaken identity! Two teenage girls, Corliss Archer and Mildred Pringle, cause their respective parents much concern when they start to become interested in boys. The parent’s bickering about which girl is the worse influence causes more problems than it solves after both girls sell kisses for charity at the USO bazaar. It’s a “fresh, funny, and completely beguiling comedy about a small town Junior Miss."

Audition Information: Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:00 PM
       The audition will consist of side readings. Sides will be provided. Please prepare 1 side to read.
       Please be familiar with the play.
       Read the breakdowns and bring your best characters to the audition.
       Dance or singing will not be required at the audition.
       The casting directors use Casting Manager during the casting process. Please post your head shot and resume to your Casting Manager profile.

Call Backs
Call backs for Kiss and Tell will be held Tuesday, May 9th at 6:00 PM with the first read through scheduled for Friday, June 24th at 7:00 PM.

Audition Location
Auditions will be held at the theater located at 50 West Page Avenue in Gilbert.

How to make an appointment
You can sign up for appointments at http://castingmanager.com/audition/info/7DmGvewr3RPermQ

Each adult actor 16 years of age and older will receive a payment of $25.00 per performance. Child actors will be paid $12.50 for each performance.

Other Notes
Runtime: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Auditions are by appointment only. Any questions may be emailed to auditions@haletheatrearizona.com.


MR. WILLARD: (50-65) A house painter. Gruff and needs a shave. Will also play Robert Pringle.
LOUISE: (20-40) The Archers’ maid. A forthright woman who has been in the employ of the Archers for 17 years.
CORLISS ARCHER: (16-20’s) Going on sixteen, she is a slim, very pretty girl and is quite mature for her age.
RAYMOND PRINGLE: (12-15) Mildred’s younger brother. He is about twelve years old, neatly dressed, well-groomed, and intelligent.
MILDRED PRINGLE: (16-20) Corliss’ best friend. A pretty girl going on eighteen.
DEXTER FRANKLIN: (17-20) The boy next door. Freckled, gawky, but a rather engaging youth. Aged seventeen.
JANET ARCHER: (30-45) Corliss’ mother. She is in her early 40’s and quite attractive.
HARRY ARCHER: (35-50) Corliss’ father. He is in his late 40’s.
PRIVATE JIMMY EARHART: (20-30) A handsome looking boy of about 24 who Corliss is acutely interested in.
LIEUTENANT LENNY ARCHER: (18-24) Corliss’ brother. He is  good looking boy of about 21 years of age and is a Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps. Mildred’s beau.
MARY FRANKLIN: (35-50) Dexter’s mother.
BILL FRANKLIN: (40-55) Dexter’s father.
DOROTHY PRINGLE: (40-60) Mildred and Raymond’s mother. She is smartly dressed and a pretty woman. A bit uptight.
UNCLE GEORGE: (40-55) He is a hearty, jovial man, nearing 50, and is a commander in the United States Navy.
ROBERT PRINGLE: (40-55) Mildred and Raymond’s father. Will also play Mr Willard.

Cambrian James is well-known for his versatile staging throughout the Valley and nationally. He is a multi-award winning director and choreographer for Tarzan, The Wizard of Oz, Footloose, Damn Yankees and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Cambrian has enjoyed a long career as an actor and dancer in Annie (Daddy Warbucks), Crazy For You (Bobby Child), The King and I (the King) and Hairspray (Edna Turnblad).

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