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audition notice - JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHINCOLOR DREAMCOAT & MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS - Hale Centre Theatre - April 29

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
and Meet Me In St. Louis AUDITIONS

Hale Centre Theatre will hold auditions for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat playing  August 25, 2017 – October 7, 2017 and Meet Me In St. Louis playing October 12, 2017 – November 25, 2017 . The shows are produced by David and Corrin Dietlein, directed by Cambrian James, and music directed by Lincoln Wright. Performances are Wednesday – Saturday nights with Saturday matinees. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in the delightful musical parable. Joseph is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams and being his father’s favorite son. But when his jealous brothers sell him into slavery and he is taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of terrific adventures. This Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless. One of the most popular shows we have ever produced. A must-see!

Meet Me In St. Louis
Based on the heartwarming film of the same name, Meet Me In St. Louis takes audiences on a musical journey back to the brink of the 1904 World’s Fair. This warmhearted story chronicles the life of a happy family made up of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, their four daughters and one son. With the addition of romantic suitors, comedic misunderstandings, and jovial pranks, this musical is filled with nonstop entertainment featuring memorable musical numbers such as “The Boy Next Door,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and “A Day In New York”

Audition Information: Saturday April 29th, 2017 at 9:00 AM
       Be prepared to sing 16 bars of music.
       Bring your own sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.
       The casting directors use Casting Manager during the casting process. Please post your head shot and resume to your Casting Manager profile.

Call Backs
Call backs for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will be held Saturday, May 6th at 9:00 AM with the first read through scheduled for Monday, July 10th at 7:00 PM.

Call backs for Meet Me In St. Louis will be held Saturday, May 20th at 9:00 AM with the first read through scheduled for Monday, August 28th at 7:00 PM.

Audition Location
Auditions will be held at the theater located at 50 West Page Avenue in Gilbert.

How to make an appointment
You can sign up for appointments at

Each adult actor 16 years of age and older will receive a payment of $25.00 per performance. Child actors will be paid $12.50 for each performance.

Other Notes
Runtime: 2 hours and 30 minutes each. Auditions are by appointment only. Any questions may be emailed to


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Character Breakdown
NARRATOR: (20-35; Mezzo-Soprano) A woman. The Narrator tells the story through word and song, guiding the audience gently through the story of Joseph and his brothers, usually gives meaning to the story with her/his words.
JACOB: (40-60; Baritone) The father of twelve sons, his favorite being Joseph. At times he may appear unfair and shallow, but he is, more importantly, the prophet who recognizes the future and the calling of Joseph, thus saving the House of Israel. Usually doubles as Potiphar.
JOSEPH: (16-30; Tenor) Eleventh son of Jacob. Obviously his father’s favorite, Joseph early on shows a talent for interpreting dreams and telling the future. This gets him into trouble with his brothers when he predicts his future will include ruling over the other eleven. However, it saves his life when in Egypt he correctly interprets Pharaoh’s dreams. In the end he has risen to a great position of power, but he still forgives his brothers and brings his family to Egypt to partake of the bounty he has accumulated there.
POTIPHAR: (40-60; Baritone) A powerful and rich Egyptian, Potiphar purchases Joseph and puts him to work in his household, where he soon realizes that Joseph is honest, hard-working, and a great addition to his pool of help. When he grows suspicious of Mrs. Potiphar and Joseph, however, he grows angry and has Joseph thrown into prison. Usually played by the actor playing Jacob.
POTIPHAR’S WIFE: (20-30; Spoken) Beautiful and scheming, Mrs. Potiphar tries to seduce Joseph, but is unsuccessful. However, she does manage to rip off much of his clothing just as her husband comes into the room, thus condemning him to prison. Also plays one of the wives.
ISHMAELITES: (20-30; Tenor-Baritone) Men of the desert, they buy Joseph as a slave, take him to Egypt, and sell him to Potiphar.
BAKER: (20-30; Tenor) One of Pharaoh servants, the Baker is in prison with Joseph who correctly interprets his dreams and predicts that he will be put to death. Played by one of the brothers.
BUTLER: (20-30; Tenor) Another of Pharaoh servants, the Butler is also in prison with Joseph who also correctly interprets his dreams, this time that he will be released and taken back into Pharaoh’s household. It is the Butler who tells Pharaoh about Joseph and his uncanny ability with dreams. Played by one of the brothers.
PHARAOH: (20-30; Baritone) The most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh is considered a god on earth. When Joseph interprets his dreams, he promotes him to one of the highest positions in his government. In most productions, Pharaoh is portrayed as an Elvis Presley type figure(Baritone)
JOSEPH’S ELEVEN BROTHERS: Joseph’s Eleven Brothers: Although acting usually as a group, they each have their own different personalities, talents, and flaws. As a group they sell Joseph into slavery, but as individuals they deal with the following years and how they can make amends. They sing and dance their way through many situations and places. The brothers also double as Egyptians and servants of Potiphar.
REUBEN: (20-30; Baritone) Reuben: Eldest son of Jacob. Takes the lead on “One More Angel in Heaven”
SIMEON: (20-30; Baritone) Second son of Jacob. Takes the lead on “Those Canaan Days”
LEVI: (20-30; Baritone) Third son of Jacob.
JUDAH: (16-30; Tenor) Fourth son of Jacob. Takes the lead on “Benjamin Calypso”.
DAN: (16-30; Baritone) Fifth son of Jacob.
NAPHTALI: (16-30; Baritone) Sixth son of Jacob.
GAD: (16-30; Baritone) Seventh son of Jacob.
ASHER: (16-30; Baritone) Eighth son of Jacob.
ISSACHER: (16-30; Baritone) Ninth son of Jacob.
ZEBULUN: (16-30; Baritone) Tenth son of Jacob.
BENJAMIN: (16-30; Baritone) Twelfth son of Jacob. Joseph accuses him of stealing the golden cup.
BROTHER’S WIVES: (16-30; Alto-Soprano) The wives of the eleven brothers. The actresses playing the wives also double as Egyptians and servants of Potiphar.
Meet Me In St. Louis Character Breakdown
ESTHER SMITH: (18-25; Belter/Alto) At 17 she’s a year younger than Rose; attractive, effervescent, and spunky; looks up to Rose and clings to her in times of trouble. She falls in love with the boy next door, John Truitt.
JOHN TRUITT: (20-25; beautiful Baritone voice) Athletic, attractive, sincere and friendly; lives next door to Ether and romance blossoms.
MR. ALONSO SMITH: (40-55; Baritone) Father to the Smith family; a successful businessman, he rules the family with a gruff exterior but a heart of gold underneath; must be funny.
MRS. SMITH: (38-50; Alto) Mother to the Smith family; a firm but gentle manner; she’s the glue that holds the family together; gracious and practical.
ROSE SMITH: (18-25; Belter/Mezzo) At 18 she is the oldest of the girls and the beauty of the family; she has a loyal, loving nature--and also a bit of a temper.
LON SMITH: (20-30; bari-tenor) At 19 he is the oldest; good looking and athletic; a dynamic song and dance man.
AGNES SMITH: (12-15) A tomboy; independent and forthright.
TOOTIE SMITH: (6-10) The youngest in the family, a bright-eyed imaginative youngster with a slightly macabre sense of humor.
GRANDPA: (60-75; Baritone) A spry old gent whom the children adore him and never tire of hearing his "tales;" funny.
KATIE: (50-70; Alto) The Irish house keeper with a brogue; good-humored and hard-working.
LUCILLE BALLARD/ENSEMBLE: (18-25; Alto) A pretty and affected girl from the East; coy and flirtatious; must sing and dance.
WARREN SHEFFIELD/ENSEMBLE: (20-30) Wealthy love-interest of Rose; must sing and dance.
EVE FINLEY/ENSEMBLE: (18-25) Strong, frank, women's lib type; must sing and dance.
CLINTON A. BADGER/ENSEMBLE: (18-30) Nerd. Dancing comedic role; must sing and dance.
PEEWEE DRUMMOND/ENSEMBLE: (18-30) Dancing comedic role; must sing and dance.
SIDNEY PURVIS/ENSEMBLE: (18-30) Dancing comedic role; must sing and dance.
ENSEMBLE MALE/FEMALE: (18-30) Must sing and dance.

Cambrian James is well-known for his versatile staging throughout the Valley and nationally. He is a multi-award winning director and choreographer for Footloose, Damn Yankees and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Cambrian has enjoyed a long career as an actor and dancer in Annie (Daddy Warbucks), Crazy For You (Bobby Child), The King and I (the King) and Hairspray (Edna Turnblad). 

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