Saturday, March 25, 2017

cast announcement - ONCE UPON A MATTRESS - Theater Works

Minstrel: Nicholas Gearing
Princess #12, Lady: in: Waiting, Nightingale of Samarkand: Erin Ryan
Wizard: Karson Cook
Lady Larken: Katie Rodin
Queen Aggravain: Shandi Ilyse
King Sextimus, The Silent: Peter Hart
Prince Dauntless: Ryan Malikowski
Jester: Skyler Washburn
Sir Studley: Brady Anderson
Sir Luce: Brandon Sanchez
Sir Harold: Christopher Dozier
1st Knight: Devon Pantin-Ayers
Lady Rowena: Shelly Trujillo
Lady Merril: Savoy Graca
Lady Lucille: Stephanie Spencer
Lady Beatrice: Alexia Lorch
Lady Mabelle: Falin Ossipinsky
Lady: in Waiting: Faith Blinn
Sir Harry: Josh Vern
Princess Winnifred: Ixy Utpadel
Young Lord/Ensemble: Josh Pike
Young Lord/Ensemble: Alec Pursell
Young Lord/Ensemble: Emilio Cress
Young Lady/Ensemble: Ryley Youngs
Young Lady/Ensemble: Macie Thompson
Young Lady/Ensemble: Martha Cress
Young Lady/Ensemble: Alison Belsan
Kitchen Wench: Mikaella Belsan
Emily, Scullery Maid: Flynann Janisse

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs April 28th to May 14th

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