Saturday, February 11, 2017

cast announcement - THE PAUPER PRINCESS - Youth Works at Theater Works

CLICK HERE for more information on this production which runs March 3rd to March 19th

Nick Barritt: William Shakespeare, Bearded Man 2, Courtiers, Sir Cawarden
Trevor Benoit: Miles Hendon
Failth Blinn: Princess Mary
Noah Consalvo: Sir Edmond Asinus
Emilio Cress: Senor Ferdinand
Emily Diab: Lady Beatrice, Lady Rosaline, Lady Louise, Nurse
Iyla Feist: Lady Viola, Lady Harriet, Marianna, Angelina
Nicole Hedges: Elizabeth Tuder
Lindsay Gagnon: Barnaby Bowler
Malachi Jobin: Handsome Man, Lord Hertford, Bearded Man 3, Chef
Hannah Mahle: Bet Canty, Nan Canty
Madesyn Matthews: Lady Ashley
Sydni McKinley: Bernard Brighton, Bearded Man 4, Dead Man, Guard 1
Nixson Morton: Prince Edward
Abby Palubinskas: Lady Anne, Lady Tess, Katrina
Cameron Pedersen: Roger Crab
Jayla Quartullo: Theresa Canty
Sky Shreeve: Drake Norrington, Lady Jane, Bearded Man 1, Drunk Man, Guard
Willow Swint: Queen Catherine
Bella Swope: Lady Juliet, Lady Ethel, Makeup Servant, Female Courtier
Lily Swope: Simon Bowler
Brendan Van Horn: Herald
Allison Weston: Lady Margaret, Kathalina
Ryley Grace Youngs: Lady Bess, Lady Charlotte, Lady Pearl, Debbie

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